Chapter 23

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(Ian's POV)

Selyen was beyond furious. She went havoc, growling and cursing colorfully when she realize Robert is using her only weakness against her. I have to drag her out by the waist before she wrecks Veronica's  precious house. She let me drag her away and brought her into the woods. Despite her wolf's aura emitting from her, I didn't feel annoyed anymore as I held her. Instead, Adrian and I are worried about her. Her anger was beyond the horizon and I know this because the moment I let her go, she dash to a tree and punched it down. 

For a few minutes, I watch her let her anger out, punching, kicking and growling as loud as she can. She want to shift, I could feel it but she held it back as much as she could because the moment she shift, she'll probably run back to her pack and finish her so-called uncle. Adrian is so worried about her and my pack members are feeling very unsettle with her rage but I told them it's alright and stand by to move. I got a feeling we're going to attack tonight. 

Selyen drop to the ground as she pants heavily. A tear slide down her face and she wipe it off her quickly but her body trembled and she's having a break down right now. It's not the power or the Alpha title that she really seek actually. She loves her pack and there's a burden of responsibility that weight her down in her mind. She doesn't need a title to declare as a leader because she is true born leader, a true Alpha. 

I walk to her and sat on my knee in front of her. My hands twitch to touch her but decided to keep my hands to myself. I don't think she wants the touch of sympathy or in other word, no Alpha wants a look of sympathy. Yet the sight of her crying was setting me off. I don't want to see her cry or sad, no she doesn't deserved to be sad and it hurt to see her like this; looking defeated and regret. I want to see her smile again, just her small signature secret smile that I start to love.  

"We need to act now, Selyen." I said slowly. 

She raise her head and her silver eyes bore at me. She took a deep breath, gather back her composure and calm herself down but her eyes stay silver. 'Are your men ready?' She ask softly as she could. I nod my head yes. 'Then we'll move out by midnight.'

"We need a plan."

She nods. 'I have one, I guess. Let's go to the others.' she carefully got up and I stand up too. "You alright?"

'I will when I get my hands around his throat.' she growls. She walked back to my pack and follow closely beside her. Some of my pack members lower their heads at us but mostly at Selyen as her Alpha mood is radiating like a storm. Somehow her anger make her look like a goddess of war and she's definitely beautiful with those bloodthirsty eyes. We made our way back to Ica house and found her has spread a map on her antique table with her witch cookbook. Ica's staff still stood in the pentagram. Selyen went for the map and grab a marker to circle an area, where her pack is. She looked up from the map and look at me. 'Where did your man saw the rogue's base?' she asks. 

I stand beside her and remember the images and location that Ethan sent through our mind link. I tap the location on the map. 'South east.' she said. 'And maybe they getting ready to move out from there as we speak. With the potions, it'll be hard to trace them.'

"Don't worry about that." I said. "I have a bunch of trained Tracers. They can trace both potions and scents so it won't be a problem."

Selyen looked like she's going to say something when suddenly a blue light came out from the gem. I squeeze my eyes a little to adjust the sudden brightness and saw a familiar large blue orb. Selyen growled in warning at the sudden occurrence that she never witness before. Then, a figure sighted inside and as soon as that person step out from the orb, the light and orb disappear. 

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