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Selyen woke up when she could feel dawn was about break. The memory of last night quickly invaded her mind and make her blush instantly. She and Ian finally mated, bask in lust and love to each other. She hesitated at first, remembering her scars and that huge wolf bite mark on her hips. She was suddenly self-consious with herself and she wasn't sure if Ian wants her marked skin. But Ian didn't let that consume her. He told her whatever scars or marks, he will cheerish it because those scars are living proves that she had fought with all her might in the past. He was proud of her as she has become a very strong and charismatic person. Other than that and to be honest with herself, she was awkward at first but her wolf, Diane has lead her and as promise, Ian made it less awkward.

Ian woke up when he felt his mate stirred slightly. Then he felt the sudden shiver running through her warm body which it made him smirk. He could feel all of her now and he know what she was feeling and the small scent of her sweet arousal confirm it all. He tighten his arms around her naked waist, causing her to take a sharp breath and hold her impossible-ly close to his naked chest. He nuzzle his nose at her shoulder before licking his mark on her neck. She purred in respond and expose her neck further to give him a full access to her soft pale neck.

Adrian and Ian growl in approval. "Isn't it too early to wake up? Even after what happen last night?" He asked in his husky tone.

Something tug inside her, arousing her more at the sound of his morning voice but hastily shove that thought aside as she turn around and face him. His ocean blue eyes meet her grey eyes. She silently admits that he look so much sexy with his messy hair and shirtless. 'I guess old habit die hard.' She shrug. 'Besides, I don't think I want to waste our new day together.'

"Oh I have a lot of ideas on what we're about to do for our new day together and it start with this bed." Ian growl playfully.

Selyen smack his arm lightly before covering her red and flush face at his chest. Ian laughs and kiss her head, inhaling her rosy scent and thinking how lucky he was to have a mate like her. A mate that didn't let her muteness gets in her way, a mate with clear vision and mission and like he said last night, a perfect mate to be his Luna.

Ian kiss her cheek this time. "So what do you have in mind, baby?" He asks as he play with a tendril of her black long hair at her back. Other than pleasing her sexually, he feel like he wants to please her with the things that she wants. Even though Selyen was not a choosy or demanding mate, he believe she will always keep her desire or wants aside and think of other people besides herself.

At his offer, Selyen look up at his face and think for a moment. She didn't realise that she was slightly pouting when she was thinking hard and Ian was half way to claim and ravish those pretty lips of hers.

A thought cross her mind. 'Let's watch the sunrise, shall we?' She said.

"Are you sure? Don't you feel sore? I don't want you to feel any pain." Ian asks in worried. She smile at his concern. She could help but to throw her arms around his neck and peck his lips. Her bare chest flush on his and Ian was so damn aroused but she didn't realise it yet. 'I'm good now.'

Ian give a peck on her nose before he smirk. 'Okay then.' He whisper through their bond before he throw the blanket away from their bodies. Selyen yelp in surprised and try to hide herself while Ian stood up in his glories. Selyen lay on her tummy and close her eyes, trying to ease down her lust at the sight of him naked. Goddess, he's going to be the death of me. She think to herself as she gather her courage to get off from the bed to dress.

Ian chucks at her but stop when he couldn't help but to stare at her nakednes. Huge wolf bite mark on her left hip was slightly visible. He remember touching them last night and a flick of anger rise inside him but Selyen convinced him that it was nothing and in the past now, yet Ian couldn't seem to let the matter go. He feels like giving Robert a tons of torture for hurting and branding his mate's soft skin with scars and marks.

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