Chapter 31

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Ian's POV

Selyen, the others and I stood on a small stage to watch the final fight clearly. She look so calm yet I knew she's trying to bury her nervous from the surface. I may not know the specific thing that she nervous about but it might be about the result after she win this match. If she win that is. If she lose again, then I guess we have to repeat this again.

I don't like the latter. With the Alpha gene inside me, I don't know if I can delay this mating bond between Selyen and I anymore. Adrian was pretty frustrated but again, I have to remind ourselves that this is for her. I want to do this rightly for Selyen. The only way I could think of is this match, this small challenge to make her and her pack as equally strong as mine. Plus, she's an Alpha which mean giving up her title, even if it means change it to a Luna, would be a big deal to her. Selyen seems to hide that kind of thing from her face but deep down, I know what she is feeling.

We watch as Lina and Nyla enter the arena and made their way to the center where Alex is waiting. Roughly, I don't think Nyla can win this against Lina, especially when she is smaller and less muscular than Lina. Lina was a foot taller than her with muscular biceps and legs. She's 18 years old and always find her time to work out and do some extra training. She has both speed and strength and good reflexes.

But after watching Nyla fought with Elai and the others, I couldn't help but to notice how fast and strong her reflexes are. Sometimes, it's not about strength or speed to win a fight but it also involve technique or skills. Nyla knew how to flip or dodge and counter back an attack without using to much of energy. She moves like a person who learn martial art since she was young and I think she did because there's no way she moves so swift.

"Alright! Who's ready for some girl fight ea?!" Alex shout out loud through the noisy crowd. They all respond with loud cheers and roars. Sometimes I almost lost the fact that Alex was a vampire, living around a pack of wolves.

'It's weird to see Alex standing under the late afternoon Sun and sweating when the truth is he's a vampire.' Selyen voice her thought to me.

I shrug. "He has a protection ring that Ica has given to him. I guess it work pretty well."

'I know but it still weird to see a vampire standing under the light for so long.' She stated. Then I notice Ica took her right side and join us. "Alex has a past. A past that he wish to forget or to change but of course, a past is a past. There's no such thing as time travel spell or time machine to change it."

I nod at that. Both Ica and I have known Alex's past. To say it's a tragic past, that would not be completely true but let's just say everything has a price.

Selyen stare at Alex who was smiling at Nyla and Lina, probably flirting with them. 'He was a human.' She said slowly, slightly surprise as she observed him further. Ica and I didn't say anything but nod a little.

"Okay, ladies. Balls up and good luck." I heard him said with a wink. He got into a referee stand and look between the girls. The girls exchange a fist bum before Lina rolled her shoulder and stand in attack mood while Nyla lower her upper body a little and standing in offence mood. Nyla is completely a different person when she step into the ring I notice. From being a shy girl to a serious person. The light in her eyes almost out, like she's being possessed but Adrian saw a thin ring of gold in her eyes. She's definitely a unique warrior.

"Ready? Steady." Alex mused. "Fight!"

As soon as Alex step away, Lina strikes first with her hand-claws, direct it to Nyla's throat but Nyla dodge it with her arm and quickly took a step to counter back with a kick. Lina step back to avoid it and block a few attacks from Nyla. She block another attack and caught Nyla's wrist in a death grip, a grip that my pack have known so well of her next steps. She jerk her forward and growl as she throw her fist toward Nyla. A lot of my pack members who have sparred with her would know that trick of hers and they would end up with a black eye, broken nose or a purple bruise on their jaws.

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