Chapter 28

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Ian's POV

As I heavily step out from Selyen's boundary, Adrian mentally whined at the distance that we put between our mate. Honestly, I don't want to leave and the urge to grab her and take her with us was so strong enough to boil the blood in my veins. But deep inside, I knew she wouldn't be happy if I ever do that against her will. I can see her weighing between choosing her mate or honor her family's name as an Alpha. Selyen is a girl who hold her honor proudly. If I take that away from her, she would hate me forever.

"Sooo..." Alex trail off beside me with Ica on my other side. Sam, Ruby and Kael were behind us to escorts us to their pack boundary. I want Selyen her with us but I don't want her to feel guilty again. The sight of her sad give a little squeeze in my heart and I promise myself that I would do anything for her to make her happy. "What's next, Ian my boy?"

"Well, we have to prepare our men for a little tournament." I said and remember the small smile and the light in her eyes when I indirectly challenge her to be as same level as us. I love that spark in her eyes when she accept the challenge bravely. She loves dares and challenges which left me wonder what should I challenge her when we are finally together.

"What tournament, if I may ask, Alpha?" Ruby asks curiously from behind. I glance at her, with her mate's arm around her waist. It give me a little envy that she was able to be with her mate while I can't.

You sound like a pussy! Adrian growl at me. We're doing this for her anyway.

You're mad at me because I'm jealous that other people can be with their mates except us? I snap back. Who's the one that practically begging for me to take her with us before huh?

Adrian let out another growl in my head before he huff in annoyance. I just want her to be with us. Can you sleep easily tonight without her?

I mentally groan. I wish you didn't mention that.

"Helloooo??? Earth to Ian, do you copy?"

I blink when I heard Ica's voice calling my name. I look at her and found her grinning like a moron. "Still thinking about her, aren't you?"

I growl at her tease. "Shut up."

"Now, now. Don't be snappy." She tsk at me. "Come on. Tell us about the tournament."

"It just a friendly match." I said and look at Ruby, Sam and Kael. "You'll guys find out soon."

When we reach the river, Sam bravely step forward and held his hand. I accept it and give it a shook. "It's an honor to meet and fight with you, Alpha Ian." He said. "And I couldn't thank you enough for bringing back our Alpha to us."

The sincerity was there in his emerald eyes and I guess he must have been feeling like a lost person when she was gone. I nod my head. "Take care of her. If you defy her, you will be answer to me too." I growl in warning.

Sam gulp and nod his head. "I would never betray her, Sir."

"Good." I glance at Ruby. "Same warning goes to her too."

Sam look at her and smile. "Yes, of course." He said as he stare down at her. Ruby blushed and elbow him lightly while I was slightly annoyed that I can't see my girl blush under my stare again. Ruby look at me and give a small nod. "Say hello to Ivan, sir?" She asks, raising an eyebrow.

I smirk. "Of course." I turn to look at Kael. I known him before. He was always there with Alpha Marcus and his Beta when we fought against the rogues. He was the Third in command but Alpha Marcus has treated both his wingmen equally. Other than Alpha Marcus himself, Kael was also my instructor when I was an Alpha-in-waiting. He held out his hand and I took it. "I thank you for taking care of her while I can't. Alpha Marcus would be proud of you too with your achievements and the man that you become now."

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