Chapter 12

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(Selyen's POV)

Damn it! Goddamn it! I exposed myself too much in that spar. So call lay low. They might wonder how I was able to pull such moves on Elai and defeated him but if they smart enough to realize my strengths and speediness and pull the puzzle together, they might know who I am and I am not ready to let them know yet. Not when there's a chance for Ian to conquer my pack. If he knew I escaped from my own pack to save my own skin, he might offer a help and maybe take over my pack. 

You're doubting our mate too much! Diane growled. He would never do that. He has his own character and taking someone's right is not one of them. 

How do you know that, huh? How can you be certain that he's not going to take our pack from us? Like what Robert did to dad, to us. How can we know he's not like him in a different way? 

He's nothing like Robert! And you should open your heart and see the differences, Selyen! Diane screamed and shut herself from me, blocking our minds. I flinched at the sudden silence in my mind. It's not she's breaking our wolf and human bond permanently, no, she'll come back when she's done sulking or when I call her.

But it feel strange and lonely. She never did this to me. We're always on the same track or if I lost, she'll guide and vice versa but now, it so quite and empty in my head. I guess the whole mate thing make us think differently.

I want to accept him, to believe that he's not like Robert but trusting someone new scares me. I don't know him except his dauntless, skills and reputation. Can I trust him with the mate bond? Because he sure doesn't want me when he found out that I'm mute, permanently I might add. Yet I saw his admiration and awe, smell his tiny scent of lust and heard his voice gone hoarse when he talked to me and the sound of my name slip from his mouth was sound so right. Will he trust me, believe me and never betray me with the bond that we have? Will he going to take my pack away once he have me? I may have the answers to those questions but that if I open myself, my heart for him.

Okay, I... I'll try. I said to Diane. She didn't respond but I'm sure she heard me loud and clear.

"Selyen. Earth to Selyen?"

I blink and saw Ruby wave her hand in front of my face and I felt myself blush when I realized that I have been gazing off. Ruby chuckled. "Talking to your wolf? I bet she was trilled with your spar just now."

We were and it felt good. We team up, both pull and push ourselves to defeat Elai. It wasn't easy with him, a full trained warrior in the world while I'm just me, trained with my best fighter in my pack. Elai was twice stronger and faster and I know I have to be triple faster and accurate.

I smile shortly and massage my wrist where Elai has left his hand print when he grab my wrist. Ruby saw my hand and ask. "You're good?" She looked discomfort, like she has a favor to ask. I nod my head and touch her hand. 'I'm great. Why?'

She bite her lower lip nervously. "It's just, erm, everyone saw how great you are in combat and they still couldn't believe that you have defeated one of our top 5 pack hunters. And so erm," she looked over shoulder for a second. "Some of them want to, er, spar with you too."

I look behind her and saw a group of people whispering to each other while they had their eyes on me. It's not offended that I see on their face, it's their honor and they felt challenge with it, with me.

Well I could use some challenges to improve myself more. I have to be stronger and faster and as same level as them for the sake of my pack.

Rolling my sleeves up to my elbows, I smile and nod at Ruby, accepting their hungry challenges.

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