Chapter 14

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The night feel different here; cold but peaceful. Ian didn't rush us back to his massive house. Instead, he walked in front of me with his hands in his pockets walking silently. Maybe he was talking with his wolf because there's a sight of frowning on his handsome face. I found myself walking beside him, refused to walk behind him because it looked like I'd submit myself to him. So I ignore him as we walked and I let myself enjoy the mixed scent of the cold night with Ian's dominating scent.

"Silent aren't we?"

I shiver at his deep husky voice when he suddenly break the silence. I glanced at him behind my curtains of hair. The frown has gone and now he looked calm and curious or maybe I should say this man will always be curious on everything. Then I remember that the potion that Veronica gave to allow me to telepath will worn out after 3 hours. So I say, 'You were busy talking with your wolf, I presumed.'

He blinked. "How did you know?"

'You were frowning.' I said shortly.

"How do you know I was talking with my wolf?"

I shrug. 'It's just a hunch.'

Ian chucks. "And you have questions." It was either a statement or a questions, I don't know which but I was surprised he noticed that. 'Am I allow to ask questions?' I asked.

"Of course." He answered and opened the door. I didn't realize we have arrived. Ian motioned me to come in first and I stepped into his warm house. He shut the door behind me and placed a hand on my lower back. "I'll show you where your room is." he said so closely beside me. I lightly gasp at his small touch and a spark flies in my vein.

I let him lead me up stairs. He didn't lower his hand off from my back but I noticed he was as tensed as I am. He clear his throat and say, "What do you want to ask?"

I have seemed to forgot some questions that I want to ask before but instead, I found myself asking something that a mate would ask. 'Why... why did you hesitate to let me join the full moon feast?' I blurt out and mentally slapped myself for being such a girlish. I felt him tensed beside me before he answer. "It's because I can feel you keeping something from me."

My head snapped at him in surprised. He noticed it. Was I too obvious? I quickly looked away. 'I told you. It's Alpha's orders. Maybe he didn't want you to know our pack name if I fail to become a true warrior. Maybe that'll bring a shame to our pack's name. I don't know.' I lied mentally.

"You fought like you've been training since a kid and you managed defeat my best warrior. How can that bring a shame?" He shot back. He run his hand through his hair before he sigh. I didn't say anything after that but mentally curse for sparing with all I got. We climbed the stairs and reached the third floor. Ian lead me to the right and slowly made our way to the end of the hall.

Ian clear his throat. "Do you have anymore questions?" He ask.

I look at him in surprised. 'Why are you giving me a chance to ask questions?' I ask suspiciously. Is he trying to dig my secrets with my questions? Is that possible?

But instead of looking like he was caught with his game, he look kind of embarrassed and irritated at the same time. "Fine. If you're done with your questions then I'm off."

'Wait!' I found myself grabbing his wrist to stopping him from leaving. Sparks went up my arms and ignite something inside me. I release his hand and let my hand hang on my side. 'I'm sorry. That's just rude.' I struggle to say and avoiding his stare.

Ian stared at his wrist for a moment. "It's okay. Maybe I'm being pussy." He said but the last one was more like he's talking to himself. We reached the end of the hall and I grab the door knob on my right. 'Does erm, does Veronica and Alex know? About us?' I ask curiously.

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