Chapter 10

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I was awake before dawn. Dreaming about my pack whispering, calling my name was enough to make me jolt awake. Maybe I was just homesick. I don't know. I just pray to the Goddess that they are alright.

I took a quick shower and wear a black track bottom and a grey dry-fit shirt with long sleeve. The clothes are quite lose but it's comfortable enough. My shoulder and wrist itch and I'm half way to scratch it. Sure the venom from a werewolf's fang is very poisonous enough if he push more of it into my flesh but thank the Goddess, the Alpha gene inside me swipe the venom off almost instantly but it still itchy like a bitch. I couldn't find any rubber band to tie my long hair but I guess I like it that way, to feel the wind swirl and blow through my hair. It might be dangerous during sparring, especially when I'm going to spar with these warriors but I guess I can fight them just fine.

A soft knock and Ruby peak in. "Oh you're ready." She looked surprise, maybe didn't expect me to up early. "Well let's go then."

I step out from the room and 3 shirtless He-wolf were waiting with their eyes alert on me. I raise an eyebrow, a smug and one of them, the brown hair guy with a pattern of tattoo on his bicep, growl in warning. I held his eyes and growl back and he flinched.

"Hey, hey. Knock it off, boys." Ruby stepped in and grabbed my hand with her strong one. She half drag me from the hall and down stairs until we were out from the house with the boys on our tail. But once we were out, I was stunned with hundreds of werewolves gathered around near a small stage of stone where the Alpha is standing mightily on it. All of them were either wearing black or shirtless, no other color. It was still dark in here but thanks to our high senses of werewolves, we're able to see well in the dark.

Ruby dragged me toward the stage and I could felt Diane wiggle her tail left and right with excitement at the sight of her mate.

Our mate. She corrected me. Don't deny the bond.

I'm not. But I don't want it at the moment. I said flatly but my eyes flat on him. He's wearing a black shirt that almost fit to his well build body and the sight of his bare arms make me wonder what does it feels like to have those arms around me. How can I not stare at him when he's standing up there looking so hot and handsome in all black and messy hair?

I almost trip to the ground. I did not just think him of his appearance and well build figure. But it was prove that my thought betray me when Diane giggled in my head. Shut up. I scowl and feel the heat on my cheeks.

We stopped when we were almost reached the altar. His blue eyes found my grey and I couldn't look away even if I want to. My blood start to burn and I know the mate pull is calling so strong now especially when I have the blood of an Alpha and I'm sure he's feeling it too.

A sound of some people growling under their breath caught my ear and I break away from his eyes to look at my surrounding. People who were standing near me have their eyes on me with hate and anger. I narrow my eyes, didn't like the way they looking down at me. As much as I want to reply with my own growl, I held myself down but keep my eyes dagger right back at them. I don't want to mess with this guy even if I can but this guys are more faster, stronger and more skillful than I am. The reason why they called themselves the Shadow is because they are stealthy like the shadow, like assassin. They killed so swiftly and silently, either with their claws and fangs or with their bare hands and teeth. It's the reason the rogue hate and fear these guys.

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