Chapter 15

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Selyen's POV

I guess it's a morning routine for these guys to run through the woods and test their speeds and reflexes. More people tried to take me down and being a non-quitter, I refused to let them win. So I dodged, leaped and zig zag like water to avoid their attacks. When the run finished, they glared at me and wondered how did I do it while I silently thank to the Goddess for giving me this Alpha blood and mentally pat Diane's head for being strong wolf inside me. Ever since I woke up this morning, I felt...strange. My right wrist doesn't feel itchy any more but of course, the scar stay visible. I don't know how to describe the differences but it's there and it's making Diane completely calm, very calm.

She didn't talk to me but she's there inside, watching and guiding silently. In facts, it doesn't worry me much. Yet I asked her if she okay and her answer was that she's fine and told me that she can't wait to fully bloom and become an Alpha. Listening to that statements makes me happy and lighten the spirits within me. We can take back our title from Robert and maybe punish him for trying to kill me. I'm considering if I should lock him up until he die, kick him and his family out from the pack or kill him. I'm trying not to pick the third option but the night when he and the rogues attacked us is still fresh in my mind. He killed my parents, cowardly with a gun and silver bullets and it really makes me want to ripped his heart out and pour a wolfsbane on that tainted heart to cleanse it.

Now we're having breakfast before training. Everyone seems a bit edgy, with a frown and anger in their eyes. Ruby and I took a seat and placed our food tray on the table. Since the 'talking' potion that Veronica gave me last night has worn out, I tap on Ruby's hand and she was a bit jumpy like she was in a deep conversation via mind link. "Sorry. I was listening to the elders." She said, slightly blushed. I place my hand in hers. 'No need to apologize. I just want to ask you what's wrong.' I looked around, at the people. 'Everyone seems on the edge.'

Ruby sighed. "There has been an intruder, a rogue in our territory last night. He managed to slip away from our defences without a single sound or scent." She paused and frown. "Luckily, Sir Alex found him and then Lady Hart explained that the rogue has taken a couple of potions that covered his scents and withstand an Alpha's command."

I was a bit surprised and slightly alert with this news. A rogue slips through the Shadow Blades night crew and turns out he had a magic to help him? That could bring bad news and I wonder if he was sent out here by Robert. Is he Robert's pawn? Is he still trying to hunt me down?

It's explained why Ian was not with us this morning, probably busy planning something. I look at Ruby and noticed that she has grip her fists tightly. I tap on her hand softly. 'Hey. Are you okay?'

She blinked and give a tight smile. "I'm sorry. It just," she looked at the food in her plate and play it with a spoon. "A pack of Rogues attacked my old pack, the Amber Woods Pack and there were just a few of us who survived from the attack. We were a small pack and live peacefully but it was all destroyed and taken away. I could have die that day if Alpha Ian didn't come to the rescue.

"Alpha took us in and give us a choice to join him and avenge those people that we have lost. Some of us decided not to join him, to scare to be a member of the famous Shadow Blades pack. But the rest of us and me accept the offer and we've been dying to get a revenge on the Rogue who's responsible to give orders to attack our pack."

I frown. 'What do you mean? Rogue don't give orders to other rogues.'

"That's what we thought too but we found out that they have a leader to follow; Ivan." She said.

I blink. That night, before I ran away, there was a rogue name Ivan too. Could it be the same person?

"Don't worry." Ruby said, snapping me from my thoughts. "Leader or not, they gonna pay for their crimes."

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