Chapter 30

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<Another 2 months later>

Brushing my long black hair, I decide to let them lose than pulling it into a ponytail. I got out from the bathroom with a towel around me and walk into my empty bedroom. Ian isn't here for 2 weeks because he needs to spent with his pack too and I was getting better in handling my own pack. Besides, having 2 different Alphas in a pack can be very confusing and unhealthy for the pack. My pack are in good behaviour and shape now and they have gone friendly with the Shadow Blades pack too. When we held the friendly match they will loosen up and have a great chat like they were one pack. Plus, I know Ian was giving me some moments for me to spent as an Alpha before I archive my target and the deal is off.

And I will be his forever.

A part of me is excited and relief, to finally become a mate that I'm sure he wanted me to be. But some part of me feel slightly sad and annoyed to give up my title as an Alpha. I know a Luna is as equal as an Alpha but I don't know, maybe it just my Alpha thing that makes me want to keep my title as an Alpha.

Walking to my closet, I grab my clothes and wear something casual. Today is another day of friendly match the Shadow Blade and the Blue Moon pack. This time it was held at Ian place where Ica has build up a small sort of arena for the match.

I rush down stair and found some of my pack members were waiting for me in the living room and even Chase was there too but a bit outcasted. Ever since I reclaimed my title he has been almost quite. Maybe he was plotting something against me but I really hope it's not it. Yet I brought him into my circle because I can't denied or ignore his tiny bit of Alpha gene in him. Besides, I need to keep an eye on him too. If he somehow has the balls to challenge me, well, I'm sure I can take him down but I don't feel like fighting with my own cousin and a pack member.

They smile and greet me good morning. I smile back at the warm morning welcome and crook an eyebrow. 'I see you have your spirit set up high.'

One of them shrug. "We just have a good feeling that we'll get them this time." He said.

"Yeah we will if you stop puffing your chest, Kenway." Sam walks in from the kitchen with Ruby in his arm. "Your cockiness blinds your oh-so-rare-and-beautiful eyes!"

Kenway growl and punch his shoulder while the others laugh as we watch him flush in red, embarrassment. Yes, he has such unique eyes; one blue eye and one yellow eye. Ian said that both him and his wolf are present at the same time when he is in his human form or in wolf form. There are some special werewolves like that but very rare and it have good news and bad news. Good news is the present of his wolf while he is in human form can increase his reflexes but the bad news is he has a very short temper. Yet Kenway seems to manage his anger issues almost well.

I look at Felix and Sam. 'Are the guards are up and around?'

Felix nods. "I'll inform you if anything happen, Alpha." He lower his head in submissive.

I only bring 30 people from my pack members but I still need to leave some of my best warriors behind to guard our land. 'Thank you, Felix.' I look at my warriors. 'Let's go.'

Someone howl and then we all scramble out from my house before running North toward the river. They lightly push and pull each other playfully until someone shout out, placing a bet and a dare. "Those who cross the river last will have to make a morning run at 5!"

It was Kael and I silently laugh when this group of warriors who are majority at my age, groan in annoyance. Kael really like the morning run. They speed up and dash through the forest. I feel like I want to test their reflexes so I sent my thought to him through our link privately. 'Want to give them a little taste of challenge?'

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