Chapter 26

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Ian's POV

I sprint through the bushes and pass the trees in flash. After Ica pulled off the controlling kind of spell from the werewolves, Adam reported in and told me his team are chasing some rogues that tried to escape from this fight and somehow he manage to spot Ivan among them. That coward. Of course he's running away again to save his sorry ass but I'm not going to let him get away this time.

Although, I can't seem to shake off this bad feelings.

A twig snap caught my attention and shove my thoughts aside when a rogue suddenly jump on me. My reflexes and Adrian's animal instinct kick in and I swing my sharp wolf paws at the rogue before he could touch me. My claws hit the side of his face and I bet it gonna leave scars when he shift back into his human form.

He whimpered in pain and back away with his eyes on me. I wanted to finish him but I remember my deal with Selyen; to give these rogues a chance to choose a new life. Well I can't talk to him that offer since I'm in my wolf form and I don't have a power like Selyen either. So I did what I never did before; I lower my Alpha mood and relax my muscles a little.

The sudden change of mood surprised him but he still back away. So I look at him and huff before pointing a direction toward Selyen's homeland with my head. He looked confused and it's actually starts to annoyed me. I growl shortly before I left him and realised I have waste my time to chase Ivan.

I sprint again and Adrian pushed his legs faster, too eager to kill that son of a bitch. I took the chance to reach Adam. 'Adam! Report!'

'Pretty busy here, boss.' I heard him grunt. 'He's trying to keep us busy while he hides behind his - wait, what the fuck-?!' He was out.

'Adam? Adam, what the fuck is going on?' I ask, sensing something isn't quite right. Then, I felt his and some of my warriors in pain.

Something bad happen. Adrian growl and increase his speed. I tried to reach my Beta again. 'Adam, what happen? Anyone on team Beta, what's your status?!'

'Alpha,' A girl's voice respond weakly. 'Ivan throw something like a bomb at us and the next thing happen, the bomb explode and release a wolf bane gas.'

'What?!!!' I mentally scream and felt her cringe in fear. 'Where are the others?'

'We're, we have to retreat, sir.' She hesitated. 'I'm sorry, Alpha. Most of our men are down including Adam. They're having a difficulty in breathing. Docs are on their way to heal them.'

'Where's Ivan?' I ask.

'Last time I saw, he headed south-west, Alpha.'

'I'll take it from here. Call for back up and regroup at our checkpoint. Get them to safety and patch them up.' I bark my orders and change course.

'Yes, Sir. And he smell like a wolf bane, sir so I think you can easily track him with that.' She said.

'Thanks, Lina.' I said and head for south-west in a large arch. Ivan is going to pay for that! Adrian run faster and everything pass by in blur. We're at a speed to hunt.

I caught a scent of wolf bane and follow it. It lead me further away from the Blue Moon territory. Selyen might be figting with Robert right now but I have this unsettle feeling at the pit of my stomach. I need to finish Ivan off so I could go back and watch her fight.

Suddenly a smoke appear out of nowhere and sting my eyes and my body instantly. I growl at the pain and feel the smoke swirl around me, suffocatig me. This must be the wolf bane bomb that Lina mention about. Holding my breath, I leap away from the smoke and land on a thick tree branch. Below me, the the smoke look like a heavy grey mist and my vision start to clear again, revealing a well known figure. Ivan was standing on a tree branch in his human form, a few meters away to my right.

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