Chapter 9

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(Ian's POV)

I made my way to Veronica's house which it was a few yards away from the pack house. It just a small cottage and she wanted her own space so she could keep her tons of book spells, portions and all her witchy things.

Yes, Veronica is a witch while Alex is a vampire. How did they end up with me? Well, let's just say that we all own each other.

I bust into the house without knocking on the door and found her reading a thick brown leather book on table. She was wearing a long light purple nightgown that almost match with her violet eyes. She looks up from her book and meet my eyes. She raise her hands in surrender. "Before you bite my head off, let me remind you that any visions that I foreseen must be kept until the time is right. I can't just simply tell you everything that I saw and I don't always have the visions everyday. It just come naturally, like giving a warning or a heads up."

"And why the hell you didn't give me a heads up?" I growl.

She placed her hands on her hips. "Because I know your damn ego." She exclaimed.

"Ooohh, someone just curse." Alex teased. Veronica rolled her eyes and continue. "I know you won't let anything distract you while you're hunting the Rogues but Ian, she's not a distraction; she's your mate."

"But she's mute. She's not prefect."

"You should really pull your head out from your ass." She sighed and shut the brown book. "I don't know what it feels like to have a mate but I'm sure you and your wolf want her even though she's soundless. Now tell me, why didn't you reject her when you realized she's mute?"

I run my hand through my hair as Adrian growled. I wanted too but Adrian won't let me and I found her interesting, like a riddle that I need to inspect and solve. Yet she's a rogue and I'm torn apart between wanting her or believing that she's the enemy, a spy to the rogue leader; Ivan.

"I bet she's hot and sexy." Alex said and sit lazily on a couch. "Maybe I'll swing by at her room after this."

It's like an instinct, I let out a warning growl at Alex and this time he flinched, feeling the power within it. Being an Alpha will always be possessive when it's come to his mate and Adrian didn't like Alex or any male to see her or touch her.

Alex blinked a few times and smirk. "So you do have a 'thing' on her." He wiggle his eyebrows and I scowl. Damn, I fell right into his trap.

I throw my hands in defeated. "I don't know! I'm so confuse goddamn it!" Unable to control my frustration and confusion I slammed my hands on the dark brown wooden table. The table vibrate and I heard a faint crack on it.

"Hey! That's antique and very useful to kill the Old One!" Veronica shout at me as she placed the brown book at one of her shelves neatly. "And you're not confuse. You're just stubborn and full of egos. Just because she's mute, it doesn't mean you should judge her too quickly. See and understand what's inside her, Ian. I'm sure she's special to you and your pack."

"And probably to us too." Alex added quickly.

"She's keeping something from me, Ica." I said. "I can see it in her eyes, I can feel it around her. She has walls around her. What if she's Ivan's spy? She'll be a threat to us and maybe Ivan can use her as a weapon to destroy us, destroy me."

"What if she's hiding her traumatic past? Ask her the truth." Veronica said softly. Her golden hair seems to glow at her movement. "If you don't want that, then investigate but that's gonna be difficult, I think. She's your mate and I'm sure she'll tell the truth to you."

"Did you foresee her as a rogue? What did you see in the vision?"

She frowned. "It's a weird dream to be honest. I saw her trespassing and then there's you, staring and admiring her silently and then before the vision end, I saw a full blue moon."

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