Chapter 3

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It was almost dawn when I went home in my wolf form. I don't want to call this house my home but it was the only shelter that I had since Robert and his wife have full control of my family's money too. I made my way to the open garage when I felt someone was watching from windows above. I look up and scan the windows. The curtains were drawl close but I caught a glimpse of movement from the master bedroom. The curtain sway slightly like someone was just there, watching me.

My first thought that it could be Robert but I don't know why he's up at this hour but I'm certainly don't give a shit. Although it's a bit suspicious. So I enter the garage and went down into the basement before I shift back into my form and cover myself with a towel. Silently like a ninja, I went up into the house and enter the guest bathroom near the kitchen. I took a shower, washing away the dirt in my black hair and blood on my wrist. I barely feel the silver bracelet kissing my skin but I'm going to have an ugly wrist for a Goddess know how long.

I sigh and stare at my reflection on the mirror. I have few scars on my body due to heavy training and punishments. Some claw marks and scars that have been kiss by silver knives soaked with a little bit of wolf bane which cause the scars to be permanent on my skin. But there's a mark that hardly notice at the left side of my hip; a werewolf bite mark. It was a year after I lost my parents and Robert has been pushing me to my limit in training. He kept saying that I was a burden and a disgrace to the Stormrage bloodline and he's been torturing me during training until one day, I slipped and growled angrily at him. That make him mad and he shift and bite the shit out of me. No one dare to interrupt and I was left bleeding on the ground, screaming and crying with my soundless voice.

I don't know how I survive but I thank the Goddess for protecting me and giving me a chance to live until now.

I went back into my room and wear my black jean and plain blue shirt with long sleeves that long enough to cover my wrist. My muscles were sore and I only have 3 hours to sleep before I had to go to school. Yes, school. A mute girl in an ordinary school. Of course I will have a problem talking with some of the teachers and they wanted me to learn the hand sign things for mute people like me but my aunt refused, saying that it's such a waste of money. But thankfully the teacher leave me be and let me stay.

I comb my wet black hair and dry it. I have mother's black wavy hair that reached my mid back and father's grey eyes. Mother has a light brown eyes and her black hair was longer than mine while father has a black hair too that he always kept in military style with his deep grey eyes. Mother told me that he had once join the human military academy while he was young before he become an Alpha. Then he found mom when he was visiting another pack in this country. I miss them so much and I was grateful that I have something on me to remind them while I'm alone.

I sighed, throwing the comb on the table, set my alarm and sleep while I can.


School is half good and half bad thing in my life. It's good when I got the opportunity to think something else than training or Robert and even relax myself a little. But it was bad when this is the place where I could easily snap and hurt someone. Most of the teenagers will disgrace me by calling names and trying to prank me or something. And most of them were teenage werewolves from my own pack.

I enter the school entrance with my head held up as I ambled toward my locker. Students are starting to swarming here and there, gossiping by their lockers and make out at the corner. Some werewolves and humans starts to whisper and laughing as I pass by and I ignore them completely. It's a bad atmosphere in here and it's coming from the pack members.

This is a public high school and we live among human but the population in this town is around a thousand and majority of the populations is dominate by werewolves, us. Yet we can't reveal ourselves to human but we still have to blend within them to hide our identity from the Hunter; a group of human who believes us and other supernatural creatures as a threat to this world and set a goal to terminate us. Rumor has it that the Hunters are wiping off the vampires first as they can be easily detect with their pale skin and highly sensitive to sunlight. As for witches, they say they are nearly extinct but some said that they are still hiding among the human in big cities. Since we are all look like wild kids, it won't take long for the Hunter to find us.

I opened my locker, grab some books for the first until third period when there was a loud crash and laughter behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw an old janitor was on the floor with his cleaning tools around him. There was a group of boys and girls laughing at his state and some of them were werewolves from my pack. I shook my head while Diane growled at their bad behavior. I slammed my locker shut and walked toward the janitor.

The human janitor shook his head as he pick up his things. I went down on my knees and helped him collecting his tools. He looked up at me in surprise but I smile and continue to help him out. From behind me, the boys and girls laughed and snickered at my action.

"Aw, so sweet."

"We got a mute hero!"

"Wanna try the janitor club, Sel?"

They continue to mock me as I helped the old man up and hand him his things. I guess he was about to say thank you or something when his eyes caught something behind me. I felt it before it could move further. I turned around in flash and caught a boy who was holding a metal bucket filled with some kind of red liquid and was ready to splash it on me when I caught his eyes which cause him to frozen in place.

I know what he's seeing in my eyes; the authority and power within and I let it flow into him through eye contact and the pack bonds. I could feel the Alpha blood inside me is surfacing, showing him who he was dealing with. His body trembled, his brown eyes widen and I could smell the fear emitting from him. I smile at his reaction and maybe that smile look creepy or haunted because he took a step back and lost his hold on the bucket and splatter the red liquid onto himself and fall on his butt. His human friends looked confused at his clumsiness but his werewolves friends stopped laughing and watch with widen eyes.

I still held his eyes with mine until the school bell ring, breaking the spell. The boy flinched and backed away while I kept my eyes on him as he got up and ran away with his friends trailing behind him. But what make me smile in satisfaction was when they all bow their heads at me.

"I don't know what you just did to them, girl." the old man said from beside me. He smirked. "But you surely scare the shit out of them."

All I can respond was a smile and picked up the bucket and handed it to him. "Thank you, young lady. Now go on or you're gonna be late for class." he said and placed his a hand on his hip while staring at the remaining red liquid on the floor.

I felt guilty for not helping him but he was right, I'm gonna be late for class. So I nod my head and wave him goodbye before walking to my first class.


School end pretty fast today and I went home with house chores ready and waiting for me. I enter the house and instantly realize that Anna wasn't at home and so was Chase. Of course Robert wouldn't be in the house at this time since he's busy with his duty but it was odd for Anna to leave the house. She barely out from the house and if she has something to buy, I'll be her lap dog. As for Chase, he's usually at house in the afternoon and out before training but that's normal for him. It just rare for Anna to leave the house. She always there waiting for me to squeeze my energy out.

I shook my head and went for the first task. I'm going to work peacefully which it is very unsettle for me.

I cleaned the house, throw the rubbish, did the laundry in this silent house. Neither Anna nor Chase came back until it was almost time for training. I ready myself in black track bottom and a black shirt for training. Since no one was home, I locked the door and warmed up right outside the house. The silence is very disturbing and makes Diane feel edgy.

Something's off. She stated it in my head.

I know. I said as I let my eyes wanders around the neighborhood as if there was a pair of eyes watching me. Let's keep our eyes and ears open. I said and jogged to the pack house with heavy heart.

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