Chapter 16

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(Ian's POV)

I almost snarl and growl viciously at my own Beta when he interrupt me and my mate. Selyen took the chance to drop her gaze from mine and took a step back. Her rosy scent is getting stronger and mature and I'm guessing her birthday is around the corner but god, it so tempting.

"Alpha." Adam called, snapping me from my thoughts. I could have snap at him if he doesn't sound so serious. I look at him. "Yes?"

"I've been trying to link you but I can't reach you." He eyed my mate suspiciously like she was the cause that he couldn't reach me. I understand that Adam hate rogue because of their wild and violence actions against other packs but somehow it irritates me when he looked at Selyen as a rogue. It's true she is a rogue but she is mine.

Well it's your fault for not claiming and declare her as your mate and their future Luna. Adrian hissed in my head and I have to agree with that. Maybe I'll give the announcement tonight during the feast. In instinct , I stepped in front of her automatically protecting her. "I didn't open my mind link, Adam. What's the problem?" I ask.

He looked surprised at my action but wipe it off quickly. "We caught two freshly female rogues just at the edge of our perimeter."

Again? That son of a bitch sent his spies again? Oh he got balls. "Show me." I growl and Adam flinched at the change of tone. He bow and lead the way. I follow him, leaving the scent of rose behind. We were out from the warehouse and he brought me to the lining of trees at the field. There, sitting on the ground with their wet face and hands tied up against a tree, was two girls fully but ruined clothes. They both are probably sisters.

Both of them cringe and shaken with fear as I approach. One of them who look around 20, try to be brave and she whispers some positive words at the other one to calm her down. I sniff and a bit surprised when I able to smell their filthy scent. Did they took the potion? Didn't Veronica said that the potion will hide their scent too?

"Who sent you?" I growl, letting out my Alpha. The young cringed while the older one gulp. "It's Ivan, Alpha." She said slowly. "He force us to find you wheeenn one of his men went missing from his radar."

"How does he knows his man was missing?"

"He got a witch. She was able to sense it when we drink the potions that she made." The older one say.

"Where is he now?"

"I don't know." She frowned. "I remember him giving and force us to hunt your location but I, I don't remember where we were at that time. They say the witch took our memories of their location from us."

Same answer as the male rogue. They couldn't be useful to us too. As if the older one can see my final decision, she quickly say, "Alpha please. Spare us. We did nothing! We barely stepped into your territory and we brought the potions that the witch gave. We didn't drink it. Too afraid to use it."

That caught my ear. Maybe Veronica can check and study the liquid herself. I nod my head at Adam and he moved to the older girl. The young one yelp in surprised and fear as she watched Adam brought his hand into her sister pocket. The older hushed her younger sister and comfort her with words that say they're gonna be okay. But the truth is they're not gonna be okay, at all.

Adam pulled out 3 small vial from her pocket and gave one to me. Being a friend to a witch has bring a good thing. Ica has taught me a way to see if the water or liquid is bewitched or not. I held the vial up under the sunlight. There was faint sparkles in this faint purple liquid and when I smell it, it smell both soil and iron. Definitely witchcraft.

I nod at Adam and look at the girls. "Unfortunately I can't let go rogues who stepped into my territory or who try to spy on us." I said. The young start to cry while the other one look pale in fear. Tears slips from her eyes as she beg. "Alpha please. We'll do anything! Just spare our life! Have mercy!"

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