Chapter 1

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"Selyen! Selyen!" The Luna or my aunt shouts from above. "Get your ass up here right now!" She growled.

Troubles are coming. I could sense it since I was 10, since they took me in and made me their maid. I should be complaining but I'd figure it's a waste of time. I sigh and face the music and ran out from my room which it was a basement and dash up the stairs, taking three steps at a time. Once I was at door that connect to the basement's stairs, I take a quick glance at the time and it was almost time for the pack's training session. If I'm late, again, another punishment awaits. Freaking great.

I found my aunt, Anna, tapping her foot as she waits for me in the kitchen. I lower my eyes and nod my head in submitting manners which it is not something that I do willingly. I saw her satisfaction at my action but it disappears within a second and her bitch mood begin. "Did I told you to keep the kitchen clean and always throw the trash at 4.30 p.m?" She points her polished finger at the sink. "Are you getting stupid or do you want me to punish you for your lack of focus during working?" She growled.

I shook my head no and went to the sink just to wash a bowl, 2 ceramic plates and a spoon. Seriously, she can wash this by herself for goddess sake. Nonetheless, I wash the dishes, clean up the sink and the table and sweep the floor in dash. Once I was done, I was about to bolt for my training when Anna stopped me. "Hey, are you forgetting something?"

I halt and turned to see her pointing at the 2 trash bags. I grabbed them right away, ran outside and dump it into the rubbish container. Usually, I would went back inside and raise one eyebrow, asking if there was anything else. But I'm late so I ran toward our pack's house without waiting for her permission.


4 minutes 47 seconds later, I arrived at the pack house backyard where they held the training for every member of this pack. I took a moment to catch my breath after running 3 kilometers in my highest speed. I didn't have a car or a bike so I always running to places that the Luna or the Alpha wanted me to be. This is one of the thing that I didn't mind because it's one of the ways to release my anger and frustration.

From a distance, I saw Chase, my cousin which mean the son of the Alpha, standing with his gang while his eyes roamed at the girls who were training in their sport bra. I rolled my eyes but the absent of the Alpha himself, Robert, make me curious. Yeah it's usual for an Alpha to absent himself during pack training since he had other things to do but since it was my uncle, I absolutely curios in his business.

What happen 10 years ago still fresh in my mind.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing, bitch? Day dreaming?"

I snapped my eyes at Chase who was now striding toward me. He's a bit muscular and a few inches taller than me. To say his present intimate me would be a lie but I never like him, especially when he's here to represent his dad when he's away.

My wolf, Diane, growled at his insult but I held her down and chin up and looked at him in the eyes. I shouldn't do that but he's not gonna be my future Alpha so having a little battle with him is minor, unless he reports my so called bad attitude to his dad.

Chase growled at my attitude. "Watch that face, bitch or you won't have one if you disrespect me." He snarled.I didn't respond anything, just keeping a stone face and calm my nerve. "Your attitude toward me and coming late to your training has been reported to my dad.He wants to see you after training but for now, I'll give you a pre-punishment before my dad do the rest. Kael!" He called someone and smirked at me.

Oh how I love to wipe that smirk of his face.Permanently.

Kael is our instructor in fighting. He's the best and I often to sparring with him a few times, whether it was for my training or for punishment. 5 years ago, Robert commanded him to beat me up in a fight as a punishment for running late. At that time I was still learning and Kael was and still is a muscular person and also our great warrior. He barely speak to anyone, even Robert but he will speak when he needs too.

Kael jogged toward us and raise an eyebrow, asking him 'what do you want' rather 'yes sir?'. Chase noticed it too but he shook it off,probably knew he can't beat him until he become the Alpha. "Sparr with her, until one of you fall or drop dead." He smirked again and turned to look at one of his friends. "And why don't you join them, Jasper?"

Jasper, our future Beta cracked his knuckles. "Sure. I don't want to miss kicking her ass." he said and rolled his shoulders. I almost laughed at his words. Last time I remember I had punched him and broke him nose at school when he insulted my parents. I know that the people start to forget that I was Alpha Stormrage's daughter and I know the fact that I'm mute which they probably think that I'm weak but that doesn't mean I can't snap. Calling me with names, I don't mind but insulting my parents, spreading lies about my parents and call my dad weak has cross the line. So when Jasper crossed it, I snapped and end up breaking his hand and leg. I wish he wasn't a werewolf so he couldn't heal fast and stay with one hand and leg. But of course my outburst has a price. Robert punished me with a silver whip and whipped me with it 100 times on my back for attacking our future Beta.

Future Beta my ass.

From the smirk and the sparks in his brown eyes, I know he wants some revenge but I'm not going to give him some. Hiding my own smirk, I rolled my shoulder and ready for action.

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