Chapter 29

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Ian pov

<2 months later>

I leap over the river and land on the wet ground with ease. Selyen's guard let me through since they knew what was going on. I push my legs faster on the slippery ground and ignore the cold rain pouring on me. Within a few minutes, I was at her front door and storm inside without a thought. Ruby startled from her pacing with Sam stand like he was ready to attack.

He relax when he saw it was me but I let out a growl at him. "What is he doing here?" I don't like any other male present when she was in this state.

Sam growl back lowly and Ruby quickly put her arms around him. "Hey. He's worried as I am, Alpha." She said. "She's outside, at the backyard. Sam has put a dozen of she-wolf warriors around the perimeter."

"Why the fuck is she outside?" I storm to the back door without waiting for her explanation. When I open the door, I saw Selyen standing in the middle of the backyard with her hands around herself. I sigh in relief but it was cut short when I smell her sweet arousal.

Yes. Selyen is in her heat and I am the fucking only one who can ease her pain. Since she has not complete her archivement, I would have to rush to her when her heat come. We were lucky that I was there when her first heat hit her. I didn't notice at first until her smell hit me like a truck. She was sweating heavily and when I hold her hand, I could feel her shiver, sigh and purr at the same time. The un-mate males howl in lust when they smell her lust but what surprised all of us was when she snapped and growl in anger, giving them a warning to not to breath in her scent or she'll block their nose with their own fingers permanently. They flinched at the warning and back sway. Right then Adrian took over my body, growling at any male who were looking at her and took her to her new house. We end cuddled in her bed for 2 days until her heat gone.

The wind pick up and her rosy scent invade my sense.

Ah fuck. Can't wait to taste that sweetness when she archive her goals. Adrian growl in my head.

Shoving my lust aside, I walk to her and wrap my hands around her waist. Selyen let out a small gasp and relax in my arms instantly. "Shhh... I got you, tiger. I got you." I whisper at her against her neck.

I felt her purring and that make me satisfied a little. For 2 months, I want to fucking kiss her, to taste those lips and to claim it but I don't want her mind to cloud with me, even thought I wanted too, but until she reach her goal, I would have to control myself from stealing her kiss. Honestly, it took everything within me to not to kiss her and Adrian was so frustrated that we can't kiss our mate yet. Selyen knew about this and I know she wants me to kiss her too but her mind has slip and I heard her thinking how to kiss since she never been kiss before. Since we can't kiss yet, we'll end up either kissing cheeks, neck or nose. Sometimes, she will apologise for not being a mate to us and every time she does that, it makes me want to kiss her shut up.

Selyen turn around and snuggle her face on my chest. I tighten my arms around her waist and kiss her forehead. "Why are you standing in the rain? You could've catch a cold." I said as I run my fingers through her wet black hair. Werewolves can barely fell sick but it still possible though.

'That's the idea actually.' She sighs. 'The cold shower aren't helping. It's not cold enough and the rain almost has the same scent of you.' She admits and slowly wrap her hands around my waist.

I love the feeling of her arms around me but almost bring me to the edge of my own insanity, especially when she's soaking wet. Her hair soak and seemed to be in a mess too. Her long sleeve shirt stick to her body, almost like a second skin and revealing her bra line and her curve.

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