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The Heir and the General by druidrose
The Heir and the Generalby MB | M.Dalto
Reyna is the Heir to one of the great Kingdoms in a time where war threatens to tear their peaceful world apart. Thessan is the General to her father's army, sworn to se...
  • upstarts
  • princess
  • soulbound
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Donna d'onore by badgalSlayin
Donna d'onoreby badgalSlayin
"Principessa everyone loves a villain. They just don't realize it. The villain is the only interesting thing in the entire movie."-he says in a sexy, deep voic...
  • classy
  • mafia
  • love
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Call of Duty Ghosts: The Young Soldier by HeshGhosts
Call of Duty Ghosts: The Young Sol...by DracoMalfoy
With the loss of most of the Ghosts in the fight against the Federation, Logan Walker had to find a new band of soldiers. Men who were worthy to stand and protect their...
  • trust
  • brothers
  • values
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The Silent Female Alpha by DianaShadoWish
The Silent Female Alphaby Diana
[In editing] After the death of her parents, a female She-wolf, Selyen Stormrage was supposed to be the next Alpha but due to her age, her uncle took over the Alpha rol...
  • mates
  • honour
  • mute
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Mr. Steele Your Girl by MLHatter
Mr. Steele Your Girlby Made1ineHatter ©
Graham Steele is the man who only wants what he can't have. He loves a challenge and his best friend's new step-sister Rose, is just that. She knows his reputation and...
  • badboy
  • marriage
  • stepbrother
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Alpha's Slave by littlerisque
Alpha's Slaveby Risq
When I break my gaze from the fire, I notice that Alpha is staring at me with those intense eyes. I meet his gaze, feeling weak under his aura. "God, I want you.&qu...
  • alpha
  • rejection
  • love
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Mates Inc. by OlympicWolf
Mates Inc.by Olympic Wolf
New Sexy Cover by Onesee!! #THE PEACEMAKER The Alpha follows an irresistible scent that leads him to his beautiful mate, bathing in a pond under the light of the moon...
  • war
  • honor
  • shortstory
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The Gathering: Bloodmoure Chronicles (Book One) by JRShepherd
The Gathering: Bloodmoure Chronicl...by Jason R Shepherd
"There is good in all of us, just as there is the potential for evil. It is the choices that we make, that define who we are, and what we will become. Is it possibl...
  • necromancer
  • goblin
  • hiddengemsawards2k18
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Moving On. by listen-to-the-Khan
Moving On.by The Female Khan
This was not supposed to happen, they were not supposed to meet. An angry young Pashtun with his ego problems was not supposed to fall for the Americanized version of a...
  • thriller
  • urdu
  • romcom
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Welcome to JQCG(by:lele_on1) by lele_on1
Welcome to JQCG(by:lele_on1)by lele_on1
This is a family full of joy, full of arguments, and full of love, so no matter what they go through they stick together(but read on to find out the juicy stuff in the s...
  • jqcg
  • honor
  • random
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Interracial Love by ITaMyaM
Interracial Loveby ITaMyaM
Don't read if you are going to be ignorant, simple minded, or getting mad about every little thing.
  • sacrifice
  • loyalty
  • honor
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Honor (Kickstarting My Heart # 1) by ChasingMadness24
Honor (Kickstarting My Heart # 1)by Kyra Blackthorn
Sixteen year old Ariel Thomas was happy living in her Quarterback older brother's shadow. That is until her brother and his best friend are in a car accident that kills...
  • braindamage
  • hate
  • football
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Good to bad (BEING Rewritten) by rose_gold_at_heart
Good to bad (BEING Rewritten)by Gold Hearts
(Being rewritten) BTW, there will be name changes for some characters. /First book to the Ryan series..../ Tamara Memphis is apart of one of the most powerful families...
  • risks
  • family
  • war
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I fight...for honor (Rwby x Knight reader) by -Explodyboi-
I fight...for honor (Rwby x Knight...by Katsuki Bakugou
Diligence, a sense of duty, and chiverlry, but most imprtantly Honor.. these make the characteristics of a Warden
  • rwby
  • jnpr
  • honor
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~Hollow Knight: A wanderer's journal~ by OfTruthAndPassion
~Hollow Knight: A wanderer's journ...by OfTruthAndPassion
This is the journey of one vessel in particular... the perfect vessel... the purest vessel, and the True Hollow Knight of Hollownest... However a god vessel known as the...
  • interesting
  • purestvessel
  • bugs
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'' 2U ''/ [completed]✔ by Hbnbinbin
'' 2U ''/ [completed]✔by 민윤기's BN 🐱🦁
'အခ်စ္​ႏွင္​့က်ိန္​စာ' Written by @hbnbinbin
  • hbnbinbin
  • honor
  • wattys2018
Paladins: Souls of Pain by Pageants_of_darkness
Paladins: Souls of Painby Anasha
What happens when you put together; a broken girl who finds a new home, a reader of minds who seeks her own peace, a lone wolf who fights for a girl he barely knows, a...
  • honor
  • dystopian
  • youngadult
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The Chronicles of Tyrone: The Trail of Faith. by mosheyisrael84
The Chronicles of Tyrone: The Trai...by Moshe Yisrael
Tyrone Peterson is just your everyday twenty years old black man lost in the sauce, one night Tyrone and his two friends Pookie and Rae Dawg are invited to a Frat part...
  • fantasy
  • historical-fiction
  • atlanta
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bandages || calum hood by indolentcth
bandages || calum hoodby kat
❝i don't know whether it was the way she bit her bottom lip in concentration, her eyebrows furrowed to focus on one spot, her straight jet black ponytail swayed every mo...
  • calum
  • parents
  • sneak
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