Chapter 6

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A new day begin and we continue to wander up North in my human form. I want to shift and travel in wolf form so we could go faster but Diane didn't want me to waste my energy in shifting too much. She told me to shift only when needed and I agreed to it. Last night I had to shift to survive the cold night. The jacket was not enough to keep me warm at night and we couldn't create a fire because it could cause some attraction and we certainly didn't want that. But even when the Sun comes out, it's still cold and I notice it's getting colder as we move further North.

I want to change our course. Turn West or East but my instinct told me to keep going North or it was more like a memory of my mother, telling me to follow the flow of the wind. I have no idea where to go so I followed her wisdom blindly but with cautions.

How are we going to survive this, Selyen? Diane asked me. We should maybe find a near by town or city to hide.

Maybe or maybe not. I said as I dodge a lower branch of tree. But we don't have money to live and there's probably a lot of Hunter in the city you know.

Yeah, you're right. Diane fell silent for a moment. Maybe you were right; we shouldn't left the pack and fight back.

Even though we manage to kill one of them, Diane, I'm not sure if we can kill 20 or 30 of them at once. And besides, you made a good call. I soothe her. If I stay and fight, Robert could have use the pack against me and we both know we don't want that and I'm sure Robert see that as my weakness.

I can't believe our own uncle wants to kill us. She growls. He'll pay for this treachery.

I smile. Oh, he will definitely pay for this. After what he has done, after what he had taken away from me, from us, he will pay for his crimes and I am not going to let him slip away from me.

Do not take revenge on him. Please?

I halt when father's last word echo in my head. I made a promise with him, to be strong and never avenge their death but how could I not avenge him when the killer is right in front of me. How could I not feel anger when he insult my family, my dad and mom? The pack's wild behavior have prove that he has a greed heart, a heart that he could never satisfied with money or power. I don't know how his wolf would approve with his dark heart but the only thing that we can conclude is that he has shut his own wolf out.

It's possible, to shut your wolf out. You can still shift but you won't hear your wolf's voice. It was like the wolf spirit is force to lock inside until you decide to acknowledge it again. Having a wolf spirit inside us is actually to balance us emotionally, mentally and physically. We are like a piece of puzzle; if you shut your wolf out, your human emotions such as greed and vengeance corrupt you but if you shut yourselves out or if your wolf somehow manage to shut you out, your wolf will control your body and become a beast and emotionless.

A twig snap and I stopped walking. My bare feet are hundred percent placed on the forest soil and grass and there's no twig under my feet. I looked around my surrounding; other than the cold air, there was something different in this area. The trees are like less thick than before as if-

As if someone have claimed this land.

Shit. Shit. Shit! How the hell did I notice it before? How can I be so careless? Without thinking too much, I turned to my right and ran. Right then I heard a few footstep thudding on the ground, chasing me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw 2 werewolves and 4 shirtless men right behind me. I have to shook them off my tail, fast. I zig zag through the trees and ran like the night I escape from my own pack. I want to shift but if I do that they'll consider my action is to attack them and right now I don't want to mess with another pack.

From my left, I saw another 2 men coming right at me and I mentally curse. One of them leap toward me and I lay flat on my stomach and he collided with a wolf behind me. Right then, I rolled on my back and kick the second wolf that tried to lock me down. The wolf flies backward and hit a tree. Training with Kael was worth it. He had taught me various ways to fight against a werewolf when I'm in human form but in this case, I just want to dodge and ran without hurting them.

I flip back on my feet and ran again. I noticed all of them have shift into their wolves and I knew I had to ran faster. Diane hear my thoughts and she pour her wolf strength at me even more. I dash through some trees and meet a small field, with a dozen of werewolves and men waiting for me.

Shit. They have surround me, trapping me from fleeing.

Behind me, I heard a heavy thuds coming right at me. I turned around just in time and with my bare hands, I swing my hand and throw him aside. He rolled on the ground 20 feet away from me. He shook his head and growled at me. All of them growled at me and I knew they going to attack me. I hold back my growl from escaping from my mouth because that will make them mark me as a major threat.

But I guess the moment I carelessly stepped into their territory, they already considered me as a threat. I don't know whose or what pack I just got myself into but they are absolutely serious about trespasser.

I break my defense mood and tried to run but 4 of them block my path and 2 men leap toward me to tackle me down. I dodge away from one of them and face the other just to kick him out of my way. Then 3 of the wolf stepped in trying to stop me. I can't escape from them without hurting them and they giving me a hard time right now. They went into offense mood and attack me while I stay on my defense mood, dodging and pushing their every attack but i'm not sure how long I can hold on. And if their Alpha decided to hop in, it'll be harder for me to escape and thing going to get messy.

5 men and wolves jumped at me. I manage to hit and throw a wolf to the men that tried to caught me but this distraction was enough for one of the wolves to jump on my back and sink his fangs into my shoulder. If I have a voice, they can hear me screaming but I gasp and let out a sound that almost similar with scream. My anger flare and I couldn't help but to punched the wolf off my shoulder and give another punch right at his ribs and kick him away from me. This time I let out my growl and they halt.

I knew what they felt; the power of Alpha emitted from me and they struggle to attack me or back away but some of them decided to continue to attack me. I brace myself to attack.

"Stop!" A man's voice full of authority boom in the forest.

Shiver run though me at that voice and it seemed to awaken something inside me and Diane, especially. I realized all of us have stop their attack and I found myself staring at a pair of ocean blue eyes. Diane gasps and whispers a word in my head. Mate.

Then everything went black.

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