Chapter 2

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I was badly Chase. Why? Well let's just say that he didn't like his future Beta getting kick by a mute girl.

It wasn't that tough and it was a fight of two against one. The only problem was I have to eliminate Kael first because he was my main opponent and also the main threat. Since he's my instructor and I'm one of his students, we both able to read each others movements almost clearly. When I sparred with him, he'll give everything he got and thank god, I managed to dodge and gives a few kicks. He was strong but I was faster. With my speed, I tricked him by striking forward, look like I was trying to punch him but at the last seconds, I ran on four like I was in my wolf form and tackled him down. I land my feet on his stomach with one hand on his neck. If he was the enemy I would have pull his throat out.

Jasper tried to take me by surprise when I fought with Kael but I shook him off, pushing him away like a fly. When Kael was out, I saw panic flash in his eyes. He ran toward me while I stood still and wait until he was closer. He throw his fist to my face but I dodge it well but he grabbed my wrist, pulling forward and give an upper cut at my stomach. That hurt like a bitch. I gasp and that seemed to trigger the flame within me and Diane. We refused to get beaten by this asshole.

I push him away and took a few step back and growl at him. Jasper smirked like he was winning so he confidently strike again. He used the same movement he did to me just now so I wait for a few second before he raise his hand and I quickly side step to my left and sent him a side kick right at his ribs. I guess I put too much energy on my leg that cause him to fly to his other side and hit a tree. His friends quickly take him to the pack doctors. I heard he has 3 broken ribs and a few fracture bones.

Then Chase accused me in attempting to hurt a pack member and the future Beta so he punished me, beat me up. At this point, I can't fight him back since he's the Alpha's son and if I laid a finger on him, I probably end up dead. That was the warning that Robert gave to me when I was 13 and I believe in his threats. So I accept the pain without any resistance.

Now the training was over and I'm on my way to report myself at Robert's office in the pack house. The 'house' is huge, almost the size of a warehouse, with countless of bedrooms, bathrooms and some dungeon. I probably looked like I was brought back from death, with dirt and maybe some blood on my face but I don't give a shit about my appearance anymore. 

Slowly, I knocked the door twice and he instantly answered 'come in'. I got a bad feeling about this as I open the wooden door and stepped inside. Papers and maps were laid on the table and they were a few marking on it. I tried to take everything in but he covered the maps by standing in front of the desk, blocking my view. I looked up and met his cloud grey eyes. He has the same eye color with dad but dad's grey are pale or brighter, almost look like silver than grey. Robert has a brown hair while my dad's hair was black and he was a foot taller than Robert.

A true Alpha.

Robert crossed his hands across his chest. "You're behaving badly today, girl." He stated it and I lower my head, trying to look like I was submitting. My wolf, Diane, growled in my head. You shouldn't lower your head too low, Lyen

It just an act, Diane. I retort. Everything is an act. And besides, It's one of the few body language that they understand. I don't know any hand language that I suppose to learn since I can't speak and that is because they didn't want to waste their money on me, of course. 

"The Luna told me you didn't finished your house chores and lack of focus. Then my son reported to me that you came late for training." He said and stares at me emotionless. I can actually speak through our pack mind link but I didn't because it's just a waste. If I argue, he'll consider that as disrespecting the Alpha and the punishment is something that I don't want to face yet. I saw what he did to some of the members who he thinks they'd disrespect him. He'll beat them up in his wolf form until they couldn't move a muscle. Then the worst part is when he inject wolf bane into their body. Most of them die after the punishment.

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