Chapter 5

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I shift into my wolf without taking my clothes off and ignoring the silver bracelet that stung my every movement. The forest was absolutely dark but I thank the Goddess for granting us a high senses and vision like a predator. I pushed my legs to the ground and force myself to run faster like the wind when I heard a heavy thuds sound from behind us. 

I will not die tonight.

Suddenly, something hit us from our left, throwing us aside with full force. Our back hit a tree and Diane shook her head once before she stand defensively and face our attacker. It was a brown wolf with yellow eyes and he is not from my pack members since he smell like rogue. He bare his sharp wolf fangs, snarling at me. Diane, being an Alpha she is, growl in warning and let her Alpha aura emit and dominate him.

The brown wolf flinched and shook his head to clear his mind. He growled back in anger and leaped toward us with his claws out but Diane was fast enough to dodge below and sink her fangs in his hind leg and bite some flesh out of him. The brown wolf whimpered as he land on the ground. He took a few steps back with his good three legs and snarled again. I guess he doesn't like to be beaten by a girl then.

Diane spat his chunk and blood from her mouth and sneered, trying to provoke and annoyed him. Anger flickers in his yellow eyes and he take the bait. Diane run forward until we collided with him but he was heavy, causing Diane to stumble back a little and he quickly straddle her and locked her on the ground with his front legs. His claws sink into her shoulders but she held the pain back and tried to push him away when he tried to snap his jaws at our neck. Kael advice about fighting in wolf form was to always guard our neck. Just one bite and small pull can cause death.

Using one of her hind legs, she claws his open wound and that make him distracted with pain. Diane took the chance to flip him over and straddle him before sinking her fangs into his neck and tears his throat out. The brown wolf whimpered underneath us before his spirit slipped away. Blood dripping from Diane's jaw as we took a step back. This is our first kill and I felt her guilt slowly rising up. She didn't want to kill any one from our kind but I mentally sooth her down until she slowly relax. She turned and moved away from the wolf that start to shrink into his human form.

It's kill or be killed. That's what our instinct is as a beast. It's us or them. She said to me but it was more like she's trying to remind that to herself. But her words are true; it's us or them.

Come on. I said. We have to go before the others catch us. Lean your strength to me, Diane.

She obeyed and let me took over her body and pour her wolf strength to me. Then, I took off like a bullet, zig zag through ocean of trees and ran like a prey running away from the predator, like a victim running away from the murderer. I ran away and didn't look back, like a coward.


How long we've been running? I don't know until the sunlight bathe the forest slowly with its warm and lights. Then I realized we have been running for the whole night, non stop at all and our muscles start to sing in pain and tiredness. We both are exhausted, physically and mentally so I slow down until we were walking.

Is it safe? Should we stop? Diane asked.

I don't know but we both out of juice. I think we should take a break.

Just then I smell something roasted and I felt myself drooling over the smell. Someone was camping nearby and making breakfast. I sniffed the air and follow the scent silently. All thought about resting or taking a break wipe away when I smell this delicious meat and Diane stealthily guide us there. Running in wolf form without stopping will of course drain our energy and our stomach start to growl hungrily. We stopped a few meters away from a tent and watch three men setting up their breakfast. They could be the Hunters but as I watch carefully, there was a cage beside their tent. We creep slowly between the bushes to see what was inside; a sleeping young brown bear.

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