Chapter 24

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Within a few hours, we arrived 500 meters from my pack's boundary. I guess the morning routine Ian and his pack did everyday has help us reach our destination a lot faster and Sam did hisvery best to stay by my side along the way despite he was still in pain. Ruby stay by his side while Veronica is at her side, riding a big fox, size like a normal wolf, with nine tails. It was a weird creature for me but she told me that this is actually an ancient creature from Asia called Kitsune or demon fox.

Diane and I were getting anxious as we run closer to our home. We're worried that Robert might use them to stop us no matter what and that just add more anger within us. I pray to the goddess that Robert will not command them to attack or it will be a bit problem to us. If he does, I'm going to kill that bastard for sure.

When we about a hundred meter from entering my pack territory, we stopped. I sniff the ground and the air. There was a strange scent and it lead inside my pack. It smell familiar though. It smell like those two sisters rogues Ian caught and locked up in the cells. 'They hide their scent with the potion.' I look at Ian.

He nods and I heard him telling his pack to divide into 4 groups and go the west, east and south part of the area within this distance to make sure that no rogue escape this time. They move out silently, leaving us Alphas and Betas, Veronica, Alex, Ruby and a few best warriors. I guess this is the time I shift back into my human form so I could face them and tell my packs that the mute daughter of Alpha Marcus Stormrage is not dead.

There's no time to find a hiding place for me to get dress. Instantly, I shift back and crouch on the ground, naked. I was about to ask for my clothes from Veronica when a sudden growl boom beside me. Shit. Ian werewolf form loomed over me and growl in warning to the others. I heard them back away and a chuck from Alex. 'Ian, I have no time find a place to hide and shift. Ica!' I glared at Ian above me and cover my chest with my hand.

'I know but at least, a little heads up please.' He looked at me and trail down to my body. His eyes widen at the long scars on my back but almost quickly shift into blue shades of lust. 'God, she's fucking sexy.' I heard him grunt in his mind. I would have laugh and blush at his words and compliment if Ica didn't snap me out from it. She throw me my clothes and say, "Hey, Selyen. Nice bellybutton."

Ian snapped his wolf jaw at her and growl. 'Mine!' he mentally shout. The fox demon leap back and snarl back in defense and wrap some of his tails around Veronica protectively. She rolled her eyes and back away. I don't know why she did that but she must have a death wish. I wear my clothes quickly and tap his warm chest. 'I'm done.' I said and stand up. I stare up at Ian tall wolf and my hand automatically reach up to touch his midnight fur. It was surprisingly soft and I couldn't help myself to stroke his fur.

A soft purring sound erupt from his chest. I chuck and pat twice on his chest. 'Wait for my signal, okay?' I said.

He stopped purring and look at me with his now ocean blue eyes. He look worried and I imagine him frowning in his human form. 'Be careful.' Ian lower his big wolf head and nudge my shoulder. Unable to help myself, I inhale his rich forest and sage scent at his neck before I turn around and dash toward my pack's boundary. I knew I was closer on the North side of the pack territory and the sound of the running river tell me that I have arrived. I stay hidden in the shadow and found 8 people, guarding near the river. I notice one of the girls was the girl that insulted me when I was having my rest here. Jane.

Just then Sam stood beside me with a short and no shirt. "How are you going to get through your own people and challenge him?" he asks in whisper.

'I don't need to get through my own pack to get to that bastard.' I snarl lowly. I watch as one of the men, the oldest one, snapped his head at my direction like he sense something. I recognize him as one of the council in my pack, Gareth. He's both a warrior and the only skillful Tracker in the pack. So I took the chance to step out from my hiding spot and reveal myself. The man gasps and all of them turn to look what he was looking at.

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