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The Blue Moon pack was sad at the loss of their great Alpha, Luna and Beta. Their Alpha and Luna were brutally murdered by a gang of Rogue at his house. They were having a meeting with their Beta in the Alpha's office when suddenly they were attacked with a dozen of rogues. How did they get past through the pack's boundary undetected remained a mystery. The Beta had sacrificed himself to save the Alpha and his family but they were surrounded and the rogues have silver knives, soaked with wolf bane. So the couple did what's best; saving their daughter.

Despite the chaos, the Alpha managed to get one of the rogues dead body and covered his daughter with the rogue's blood to cover her sweet scent. Then the Luna wrapped her with a blanket and hide her in the closet. With heavy hearts, they kissed their little daughter for the last time and told her to stay hidden until their pack members came. If the girl wasn't mute and has a voice, she would begged for their parents to stay with her or take her with them but sadly, she's mute and scared as hell. Plus, her father has use his Alpha tone to make her obey to their last request. So she had to obey and watched silently as her parents getting torture by a few masked men. She couldn't see their faces of course but when one of them stepped forward, she smelled a familiar scent.

The Alpha was covered with blood and bruises. He tried to shift but they have plugged him with silver knives, cloaked with wolf bane and left them at his stomach and thighs, preventing him from transforming into his mighty wolf. The Luna's condition is much worse. They have beaten her repeatedly until she's too weak to move. Her mate desperately tried to shook off the rogues but they have over powered him and the venom started to burn his blood.

When one of the masked men stepped forward, the Alpha grey eyes widen in shock and anger. "Why?" he growled.

The man, maybe the leader, chuckled. A chuck that the little girl know so well. He raised his gun that was loaded with silver bullets and pointed it at the Alpha's forehead. "It should've been me from the start." He snarled. "Instead, he picked you because of your so called pure damn heart." In lightning speed, he punched the Alpha's face until his nose broken and bleeding.

"Please..." A soft voice plea. The Luna tried to get up but fail miserably. "Please, don't..hurt...him." She begged.

Without a flinched, the man changed his aimed at the Luna and shot her right through her brain. The girl cupped her mouth to stop her gasps from escaping while the Alpha stared at his mate's lifeless body. He was stunned for a moment before he started to scream in pain at the lost of his other half. The rogues held him down as he struggled to reached his dead mate. The leader pointed back the gun at him. "Now it's my turn to rule." he said, smirking behind the mask before he shot the Alpha too a few times.

The girl watched her father slumped to the floor, opposite from her mother. Then the leader barked his order to track down the girl and terminate her too. So they ran and left the house. When the girl was sure the coast is clear, she got out from her hiding spot and crawled toward her parents. She touched her mother's hand but it was cold like ice and she almost throw up when she saw her mother's face. The little girl sobbed until she heard her father's weak voice, calling her name. "Selyen."

She turned around quickly and saw her father was still alive but dying due to blood lost and the poison. The wolf bane was burning inside him and he was too weak to fight it off. The girl, Selyen quickly grabbed her father's hand, begging at him to not to leave her yet with her eyes. The Alpha was crying too, knowing that he was about to die and leave his mute daughter alone and unprotected. With his last strength, he squeezed Selyen's little hand. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, my little warrior." he gasped when the venom burned even more. "Be strong, Selyen. Promise me you'll always be strong and do not take revenge on him. Please?"

The girl nodded furiously as she cried harder. Her father smiled faintly. "We love you, Selyen." the Alpha started to drift away to another realm. "Always..." With that, her father let out his last breath and leave her forever. Selyen cried harder, wishing she has a voice so she could scream and cry so the people will feel her pain and lost. She hold her mother's cold hand and half lying on her father's body until the pack members arrived.

The next day, the pack held a meeting to choose a new Alpha. Other than her disability to speak, Selyen was too young to be a female Alpha so they decided to pick her uncle as a new pack leader since he shared the same Alpha's blood with his late brother.

Now the whole pack gathered at the cemetery to give their last respect to their great Alpha, Luna and Beta. The weather seemed to feel their sadness and losses so it let its tears fall softly on them, or maybe it was the Goddess herself, crying from above after she too witness what had had happened that night.

Selyen was too tired to cry again and instead of watching her parents and Beta getting buried, she looked at her uncle who was standing 15 feet away from her and has a small barely smile on his face. The girl was too young to realize that a small spark of anger was born inside her and it was ignited because she remembered, recognized and identified the scent and the voice of the man who killed her parents.

And he was standing 15 feet away from her.

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