Chapter 27

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Thanks to those who have spent their time reading this story. I hope you guys will keep reading until the end of it.

Selyen POV.

Squaring my shoulders, I took a deep breath as I face the crowds. A day has passed since the fight and the declaration of the new Alpha needs to be made and there's going to be a blood ritual between the Alpha and the pack members to create a new pack bonds and mind links. Now, Gareth, a member of the pack council is about to introduce me to the pack as their new Alpha. Noticing the night sky gleams with the stars, the cold air breeze softly as if the Goddess is celebrating this night with me.

"...and I announce you, your new Alpha. Alpha Selyen Stormrage!" Gareth said and bow at me.

I nod at him and took a step forward on this small stage that the pack members built. They all went on their knees with their heads low in submission except our guests; Ian, Alex and Veronica. Ian's pack has gone back to their base with Adam and Hiro yesterday with Ivan in their custody. Ian told me he needs him alive so the people that he saved before can taste a bit of revenge on Ivan personnally. Ica slightly bow with a small smile on her face. Alex has a smirk plastered on his pale face while Ian look at me with something like adoration and proud.

Averting my eyes from him, I look at my pack members. 'Rise.' I said, projecting this small command to everyone. They obey and watch me silently, waiting for a speech. Honestly, I don't know what to say. Long ago, I thought there won't be any speech when a new Alpha was selected but Kael said it's a tradition for an Alpha to say something from their heart. And so I tell them what's in my heart. 'My only wish is to lent me your strength and heart so we could rebuilt our identity again. We have lost in the mist of hatred, jealousy and lies and I don't want to witness it anymore. ' I said and my eyes flick to Ian again. He smiles in assurance and nod his head like he wants me to continue.

And so I did. 'An Alpha once taught me that a pack strength does not come from the Alpha itself and an Alpha won't be as strong as he or she is by themselves. But instead, the strength comes from the unity of the pack.' I said and among the crowds, I saw Kael smiling like he know who is that Alpha was. 'And I believe him because I witness it myself 13 years ago. The late Alpha Marcus has win numerous of fights against the rogues and that is because the loyalty and surpport coming from the pack.'

There was a movement from the elders and I saw them nodding their heads in agreement while the crowds let a low murmurs.

'We are a pack, a team. We're brothers and sisters. We are connected by this silver bond that have been gifted by the Goddess. And by the Goddess, I wish to preserve this pure gift and I command you to do so.' I end my speech with a small growl. It was enough to echo in the night and make them shrudder.

The crowds clap their hands and there were some cheering from them and among them was Ruby. Since she is Sam's mate, Ian has granted her freedom so she could be with Sam and join my pack. But without giving Ivan a black eye first. I meet Sam's emerald eyes and he nods at me like he's proud of me too.

Then the blood ritual begins. It's a simple ritual; a he or she wolf and the Alpha would have to cut their palm and join hands. In this world, it almost similar to blood oath but without minds connection. There are about 200 pack members in my pack and I have to shakes hand for 200 times.

Most of the members, especially those who have bullied and insulted me before, have ask forgiveness for the things that they'd done. I nod and told most of them that they're already been forgiven except Iris and Jane. When they line up before me, Diane just snapped and took over my body before I could control her. She grabbed their hands, make a small cut on their palms with my nails before covering their hands with mine and pull them closer.

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