Chapter 7

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I felt myself surfacing from unconscious. My head and right shoulder were throbbing painfully and I mentally groan as I realize what happened. Someone must have sneak up from behind me quickly and knock me out when I was distracted and frozen when I made eye contact with my mate.

Mate. I felt like it was a dream but Diane's mood lighten up when I think of the man with the deep blue eyes. I never thought that I found him at this time and he's happen to be an Alpha too.

I don't know if this a bad or good news. Besides of being my mate, he's a complete stranger to me and after what happen between Robert and I, trusting someone is going to be difficult to me. It's also mean that I have to get out of here and away. Diane growled in my head in disagree and I ignore her as I couldn't help but to be caution in everything, including my mate. 

Slowly, I open my eyes and instantly knew where I was; their dungeons. I was laying on my good side on the cold floor. My throbbing shoulder has stop bleeding and slowly healing the wolf bite while my muscles felt like it was hit by a truck a few times, probably from the non-stop walking, the running and defending myself from the unidentified pack. And then there's the silver bracelet still clutching painfully around my right wrist. I've been wanting to break it off me after I left the pack but running and saving my own ass has cause me to forget about it.

I pulled myself up into a sitting position, ignoring my sore muscle. With one hand, I snapped the bracelet free and yank it off from my skin. The metal drop on the cement, echoing the metallic sound through the dark and silent cells. I check my wrist; the small spikes on the inner side of the bracelet has done a good job in damaging my skin but I thank the Goddess that it didn't went deep enough to cut my veins. My wrist felt like it can finally breath but I think I'm going to have an ugly wrist, maybe for a while but it doesn't matter. Right now, I have to escape.

A sound of a door slammed make me jump and crouch on four, ready to leap and face my threat. I let out a low warning growl from my throat but it die when I smell something earthly heaven. I can't put my finger to the smell but it's almost smell like the forest after raining which I found it very...mouthwatering.

The scent grew stronger and a man stepped in front of my cell with no sound of his combat boot. I looked up to see his face and instantly met those blue ocean eyes. Shivers run through me as he held me under his gaze. He's probably a foot taller than me, with broad shoulders and short black hair. He's deadly handsome and all shape perfectly like a mighty Alpha which it makes me slightly arouse. Diane purred, approving his well built figure and starting to give me a few dirty imagines. 

I shook my head and back away to make some distance between us. It's not because I was scared or afraid of him, hell no. But it's because I felt expose and insecure when he held me with those eyes as if he could see every inch of me and my soul. I never thought about intimacy and this feeling, this twinkle of desire is something foreign to me and I found myself afraid of it.

For a moment, I saw him confused with my action but it was gone right away and replace with anger and alert. Now it was my turn to confuse. Yes, I trespassed his land but I don't think he's completely angry about it. 

 "Sir, why did you-" A man with brown hair appeared and stood beside the Alpha. He halt his question when he saw me awake. His muddy green eyes flicked with anger and disgust toward, clearly he doesn't like me. Did the Alpha told him that I'm his mate? If he did, why are they acting like I'm a trash?

Then the Alpha stepped closer to my cell. "Who sent you?" He ask in his deep voice, lace with Alpha authorities. Having Alpha blood inside us, I almost growl out loud at his attempt to make me bow to him but I hold it back and swallow it from escaping from my mouth. It's better not to challenge him and if I slip, he might feel the power of an Alpha within me. 

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