The Assistant 11

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So I've received all my tests back except for Music and Language (Japanese). Overall i have 81%. Am very disappointed. At least I got 20/20 for my English writing!! So yeahhh. I can't believe my highest (besides art) was SCIENCE! I was like :O 89%??!! Mackenzie tied with me AGAIN. He always ties with me on my best subjects. - -.



The Assistant 11: Guess who's back

Aaron's POV

I wanted to put my hand on the small of her back and guide her to the elevator, through the lobby and into my car, but she made it clear: last night was a mistake. Of course I knew that! Even though to HER it was, to me it wasn't. I wanted to scream it out to the world, to tell her how I felt . . . but I had no courage. I also had a girlfriend. I just lied that I watched porn and might as well have said, "I'm about to masturbate, good thing ya came in time!" And, lastly, Rick was here.

"Natalie?! What are you doing here?" He asked astonished.

Nat stopped in her tracks. She looked horrified and a little guilty. I guess I'd feel that way if I'd just slept with my ex-boyfriend's . . . ex-GIRLFRIEND's best friend/boss. We were all standing there, in a shape of a triangle, looking at each other expectantly. What was Rick doing here? He's supposed to be off in ENGLAND. FAR, FAR AWAY. I would've had Nat to come round to me but no, Rick HAD to come back.

"Rick, what are you doing here?" Nat asked in a hurt, small voice.

Rick stepped forward, close enough to Nat to lean down and kiss her. He lifted his hand and caressed her face. "I don't want to leave. I realised it after you left. At the airport. You're more important to me than any job."

I rolled my eyes. This is not happening. It's like drama central! And all of it was happening in front of my eyes. Eyes only for Natalie, who only loved Rick.

"Really?" Nat asked in that voice where people say 'awww' afterwards.

"Really." Rick leaned down and started kissing her and I had to turn away. I'd say in disgust but they weren't being . . . "passionate" and I'm not a five year old either.

It just annoyed me. Made me angry. After last night . . . she was over it THIS quick? Why? I mean, I know to her it was just like a one-night-stand, I get that. But, I thought I'd be the exception, that I'd change that. Couldn't she feel the sexual tension?! OK, I have to admit, that sounded really weird. Let me re-word, didn't she ever feel like ripping my clothes off when we're together? I sure did.

Rick slowly parted from her and my teeth were grinding and my fists clenching. "Hey, wasn't this what you were wearing last night? Which brings me back to my first question, what are you doing here?" Rick asked curiously and thankfully not suspiciously. Rick would so beat me up.

Natalie looked up at me and bit her lip. "Rick called me in because he needed to buy Hayley a gift and didn't know what to buy. I just wore what I wore last night because . . . Bree put all my other work clothes in the washing machine. Can't just wear jeans and t-shirt!" Natalie joked.

She nudged me and looked at me with that "go on!" face. Rick looked at me expectantly. I just nodded and smiled. "Totally clueless in the girl department!" I laughed.

"Maybe you should buy her some kinky lingerie, that's what you like, right?" Nat asked with that accusing tone.

This "adult movie" thing will haunt me forever. Natalie laughed out loud, like, really loud, like exaggerated loud. I started laughing really hard too, to cover up my anger. Rick and the lobbyist just looked at us strangely.

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