The Assistant 10

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I hoped you guys all liked the banner!! Making another one :) No promises it'll be good though! :P Thank God, EXAMS ARE OVERRR!! Even though I probably failed everything except English and Maths. . . Still . . . More time to write The Assistant! So, so, so sorry that I haven't updated in such a long time. I've been . . . otherwise engaged . . . Thanks for keeping up with the story! Please comment and vote!!


The Assistant 10: Mistake

Natalie's POV

I sat up and clutched the white sheet to my chest. Shoot. I can't believe it. I really can't believe it. I just had sex with my boss. Why am I soo stupid?! I ALWAYS do this! I groaned inwardly. Doesn't mean it wasn't a good night though . . . SHUT UP, I told myself. I looked at him sleeping, tummy leaning on the bed and head to the side. I lifted my hand to stroke his brown, sticking up hair but stopped.

I was just dumped. Taken out of a long relationship. And me being me I got layed to get over it. But I didn't feel over it. I just felt worse. Worse than worse, I felt like a slut. I understood when Bree and I had one-night-stands but this was a whole new level. The meaning of ONE-night-stand was to sleep with someone you don't know well enough. My boss, is SOMEONE I KNOW WELL ENOUGH.

What is wrong with me? I mentally slapped myself. I'm such a slut. This is worse than Bree and she's had a threesome before! With a prostitute and her best guy friend! I should've learnt from that since her and that guy never spoke again. . . but, Aaron and I? We HAVE to speak again. We work in the same building, the same floor, the same OFFICE. I'M HIS ASSISTANT.

Get moving, a demanding voice shouted in my head. It was best if I did. I jumped out of bed, still holding the white sheet close to my chest. It wasn't hard to find my clothes since they were in a pile on the floor. I picked them up and put them on. I ran to the bathroom and fixed my appearance. I was looking for my platform peep toes when I heard the door behing me open.


He's awake.

Seeing as how I've slept in strangers houses before I can usually have a speedy getaway because the guy would be so smashed he wouldn't realise. Aaron wasn't hung over or anything. Neither was I. So why did I sleep with him? Well, I've already asked myself that question about a million times while dressing. No answer. Just a big fat "STUPID SLUT" title appearing in my head.

He had put his boxers on but no shirt. Gosh, he had great abs. I picked up my shoes as if in slow motion while he watched me. I smiled fakely and laughed awkwardly once I'd put them on. The awkward silence hung in the air like a thick blanket on a bed. He ran his hand through his head of hair. Did I say hot or what? I shook my head. No, Nat, NO.

"Well, I guess I better go then! I'm really sorry about last night! Ok? Bye!" I exclaimed hurriedly in a fake cheery voice.

I found my purse on the couch, grabbed it and was walking to the door when I felt his hand wrap around my wrist. I turned around and he looked . . . hurt. Why? He had a girlfriend. Wait. HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND. I'm not the only slut in this room! I sighed with relief. I'm not the ONLY bad guy. The uneasiness crept back into my stomach. I'm still a slut and he's still my boss. I groaned inwardly.

"Where are you going?" He asked, seeming truly concerned.

"Home?" I asked as if I was being quizzed and didn't know the answer.

"But . . . last night. Why are you sorry?" He asked confused.

My eyes widened. WAS HE STUPID?!

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