The Assistant 6

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I hope you all liked the last chapter!! Shock! Boy likes girl . . . FIRST! Has it ever been done before? Why yes it has. Didn't want Natalie being all dependent, she's a head-strong woman and she doesn't like being clingy or anything like that over guys (except for Rick! Have you heard how HOT he is?) I will tell you guys what to expect and how to feel or whatever but I'll let you guys do that. Vote and Comment! Oh and enjoy!!



The Assistant 6: The Date

Natalie's POV

"Ummm . . . the pink one. Definitely the pink one," Bree advised.

She was helping me pick out what to wear for Rick and I's first date. We finally decided on a soft petal pink, up-to-the-elbows, wrap dress that was just above the knees with flats. I always wore flats on first dates, you never know. You could be taken to a rollercoaster and puke on your nice strappy heels, or go to a club, danving for hours and puke on your nice heels or you could go running a marathon and fall over from dehydration. You just never know. I left my hair the same, loose and curled and de-frizzed. My makeup was the same but a little more pink and pretty than my natural one. I was pleased at my appearance.

We both turned our heads towards the door when we heard the buzzing from . . . the buzzer. Bree looked at me with less than excitement.

"I thought you were going out with Aaron," she asked.

"No! He's my boss! That's craaazy! Thanks for the help, don't wait up, I might be having breakfast with him! Jokes, jokes. Only a first and second kiss tonight. Thanks again!" I called out as I stepped out the door.

I gasped when I saw his car. It was sleek, black and tremendously beautiful. But what I really gasped at was Rick. He looked sleek himself in his dark suit and spiked up hair and amazingly cute smile. He was leaning on his car and they looked like the perfect ad. I smiled. It had been a while since I picked a great guy. I walked across the green front lawn and from his back came a simple red rose.

"For you," he said, handing me the delicate rose. I smiled as I took it and hopped in the car.

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a surprise," he replied a little too mysteriously. He better not be a serial killer because that would totally ruin the moment, not to mention the date and what I thought of him.

We started with childhood stories in the car. I told him about the time that I got burned on a motorcycle exhaust pipe when I was 3 and now I have a mark on my right upper calf. He explained how he met Aaron and we continued a medium length conversation about him. How he was as a teenager, how he probably thinks I'm crazy and how he probably hates me.

Finally the car stopped. I looked outside the black tinted windows and onto a clear grassy field. Oh crud. He isn't a serial KILLER, he's a serial RAPIST come to dump me in this remote part of the city.

I hesitantly stepped out of the car. He took my hand and lead me to a deep red picnic rug that was surrounded by candles (romantic . . . but I doubt it was safe) and on the rug was a straw picnic basket and a bottle of wine in an ice bucket. I breathed a sigh of relief. He's just a romantic. I smiled inwardly for finally getting such a great guy.

Rick and I laughed and ate and drunk the red wine, me more than Rick since he was driving. Once we were done we lay down on the rug. I edged myself closer to Rick and he dazzled me with his smile.

"So . . . it's a great date and all, but why'd you bring me here?" I asked him.

"Because I wanted to show you the stars. The city's lights are so bright in the are of town that you don't get to see them. Here you do. This is my getaway place. Where all my troubles sizzle away. I have this feeling that you're special enough for me to show you this. And also, I wanted to say that cheesy line they say in movies all the time. 'The stars are beautiful, but not as beautiful as you are,'" he explained.

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