The Assistant 9

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P.S This chapter is a little more grown up than the other ones


The Assistant 9: Sleepover

Aaron's POV

I don't know why I did it. I only liked her as a friend but I guess she pressured me into it. I was never going to say yes. In the past I would've, now I have a completely different crush or love. Crush, am I in primary school?

She kept asking though. I couldn'tsay no to her. She used to be the love of my life. One day it was suddenly like, "Fine. I have nothing else to do." And that's how I became Hayley Sommers' boyfriend.

I shook my head causing a few strands of medium brown hair fall into my deep brown eyes. That was the most stupidest reason I've ever heard when two people get together. Imaginge if we were asked, "How did you two FINALLY get together?" What would I say, "She was annoying me so i finally gave in" ?

I didn't WANT Hayley. She was crazy and clingy! She was paranoid that I didn't love her - got that one right - and so she kept visiting me at work. . . with Natalie there! My parents were stoked yelling, "FINALLY!" I, on the other hand wasn't. I wanted Natalie.

But she was with Rick. My best friend. It was so unfair, I met her first! I was a jerk . . . but still!

I put my head in my hands. I'm pretty sure Nat knew what she did to me. Touching my leg in the office today clearly showed that. Just to be let off early. Well, not early since I held her back.

What was I supposed to do, let her have fun with Rick when she could've been fulfilling what I "needed" her to do? Why did she only tell me TODAY was their date night? She could've been seducing me when this 'tradition' started!

I looked up at the door when I heard someone knocking. I stood up from the cream lounge and slowly walked over. I opened the door and there she was. Speak of the devil, or think of the devil since I wasn't talking to anyone. Why was she here? What happened to date night?

Her red tear streaked face worried me. So he finally told her. Rick was off to meet his fiancee. It was an arranged marriage but if he advance in work he'd do it.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know where else to go," Natalie sobbed with a layer of thickness in her voice.

I stepped aside, still in a confused haze, as she pushed past me and fell on the plush leather lounge. With my mouth still agape, I ambled over to join her.

"He said he didn't want me to go with him," she explained.

I moved closer to her hunched body and put a consoling arm around her. She straightened and smiled at me in response.

Natalie turned her head to face me. I gazed into her sparkling hazel eyes. I wanted to tell her everything. I wanted to -

She suddenly lunged forward and her lips crushed onto mine. She parted a little and I could feel her long lashes sweeping my cheeks. I raised my hands to cup her jaw. Her soft pink lips found mine again and we were kissing. She pulled my shirt collar, and still kissing, we stumbled into my room.

She pulled my shirt off and ripped off her own tight white blouse, revealing a silk, azure coloured bra and her voluptuous torso. She fiddled with my belt while we still kissed. Her tongue had slipped in my mouth, flicking wildly and I moaned in thanks.

She finally had my tailored pants down to my ankled. I zipped the side of her skirt down and she smoothly stepped out of it as it circled her black patent shoes. Her right arm reached over my shoulder and she clung tightly to my baked back as we both fell onto my bed . . .


The thick duvet covered our bodies. I think she's asleep. Tonight it felt wrong but I wanted, needed it. I looked at her smooth back and trailed a light finger over her left shoulder. To her, it was reckless and hopefully great. To me, it was something more. Like, I felt accomplished. Not that I'm saying she was a conquest or anything but I finally felt like . . . I could do everything for her and she wouldn't look at me as if I was crazy. Like . . . I could finally tell her. I didn't want to say it, I couldn't, but I felt I had to.

"I love you," I whispered at the silent, dark night.


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