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The Corinthians Series: Rules of Masquerade by ZafArielZul
The Corinthians Series: Rules of M...by Zaf.Ariel.Zul
What will you get if you pair a reckless, impulsive, dramatic young lady and London's corinthian and master conspirator in an obscure engagement? Simple: the bride to b...
  • party
  • engagement
  • regency
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Forever & Always by SheilaAuthor
Forever & Alwaysby Sheila
When your best friend asks you to be maid of honor, it should be a dream come true. But not for Ava Montgomery, especially when her best friend, Sage, is marrying the ma...
  • teen-fiction
  • engagement
  • -always
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Undeniable Chemistry by Purple_Flowers24
Undeniable Chemistryby 《 euphoria 》
This is book one in the Undeniable Trilogy. Lorenzo Moretti. The man she can't forget. The man that gave her everything and then ripped it all to shreds. But he did give...
  • boys
  • parents
  • love
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Royal Maid Of Honor by MiizDee
Royal Maid Of Honorby MiizDee
Highest ranking: Romance; #190 June Apricot, who has suffered and is still suffering in life meets former BFF who's getting married to the 2nd Prince of the city. She k...
  • poor
  • baby
  • romance
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A Year with Mr. Arrogant by ALoveForRomance
A Year with Mr. Arrogantby Nanette
It's not everyday that you get asked by a multi-billionaire man to marry his son. One day when Abrielle Calwin was having the worst day of her life; the son of a multi-B...
  • fight
  • teen
  • dating
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Royal Baby  by SparkleJune_44
Royal Baby by Team Valaur
Prince Harry has a one night stand with 23 year old Amelia and gets her pregnant what happens when Kate and William meet her?
  • william
  • harry
  • kate
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You Belong With Me (AFTR Book 2) by knightsrachel
You Belong With Me (AFTR Book 2)by Rachel
*Sequel to Along For the Ride. It's been 4 years since the Connor Jackson Live tour, and a lot has changed. -Cover created by: MrKinkyWriter -Photographer: Everton Vila
  • completed
  • broken
  • newadult
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The Anarchic Consort [ Chapter 1 - 199 ] by L0st_Gur1
The Anarchic Consort [ Chapter 1...by L0st_Gur1
She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste! Betrayed? With t...
  • companions
  • falls
  • beautiful
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Waiting for my mate by Veikari
Waiting for my mateby Veikari
Fraxus here! And of course it is time of the dragon mating season! Laxus is waiting Freed to return from a mission, but then things happen... And then even more things h...
  • laxusdreyar
  • dragonslayer
  • soulmate
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Stardust | ✓ by Vividlycrimson18
Stardust | ✓by ingri
"Hello, sugar cube." "Did you just call me sugar cube?"
  • party
  • engagement
  • romance
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How to Write Fanfiction by Fanfic
How to Write Fanfictionby Fanfiction
How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve a...
  • advice
  • planning
  • language
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Christmas in Dixie by redladiebug
Christmas in Dixieby Emily
Claire is your average 24 year old single woman. Her parents want to get married, and she is content the way she is. So she plots to fool her parents by asking a friend...
  • music
  • engagment
  • snow
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Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess' Fiance by SerenitySaki
Observation Record of a Self-procl...by SerenitySaki
I don't own this story. This is merely for offline reading. All the efforts belong to the author and tranlators. This story can be found in novel updates. https://www.n...
  • comedy
  • magic
  • royalty
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Paralyzed by how_to_be_awkward101
Paralyzedby Ya girl
*Highest rank #2 in Chicklit* "You're a girl?!" He asked in disbelief. "No, I'm a panda," I said, sarcastically. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...
  • love
  • wheelchair
  • teens
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Hate or Love but you are mine 2. ✔ by Veenu_Sk
Hate or Love but you are mine 2. ✔by veenu
"No!! Absolutely not, fake or real I am not getting engaged to you," Rinky shook her head. Karan smirked and took lazy strides towards her; he looks like beast...
  • office
  • hotelowner
  • engagement
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The Prince's Fiancé (BoyXBoy) by DerreckSanchez
The Prince's Fiancé (BoyXBoy)by Derreck Sanchez
Caleb, AKA Trent Lott has a secret no one can know about. If they did, it would ruin the whole experience. What Caleb (AKA Trent) didn't expect, was to fall in love at s...
  • royalty
  • sweden
  • engagement
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The Soldier's Child by emileeparker
The Soldier's Childby Emilee Parker
Tears filled my eyes as I stared at a little white stick in my hands. There, in the dimly lit bathroom of Gannet's Pharmacy, I would discover my fate, and he wouldn't b...
  • captain
  • boyfriend
  • pregnancy
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I Broke the Bad Boy's Nose by pandorasglasses
I Broke the Bad Boy's Noseby Estella
"Unfortunately Monday's events reflected poorly on my character, and trust me when I say that in normal cases I exhibit much more elegance." Spencer said smoot...
  • friends
  • comedy
  • lovehate
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The Assistant by someone123
The Assistantby someone123
Natalie's boyfriend just cheated on her, and she's bawling her eyes out on her first day at work. Aaron, her boss, couldn't care less about the new assistant, he's too b...
  • aaron
  • assistant
  • breakup
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Possibility 1&2 //A$ap Rocky Story// by Hot_topic_jada
Possibility 1&2 //A$ap Rocky Story...by خوبصورت پاگلپن
"Get her"I heard them yell. I ran as fast as I could and made it to my truck. I unlocked it and got inside and then locked the door. I tried to turn on the car...
  • thuglove
  • cheating
  • pain
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