The Assistant 7

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I hoped you like the last chapter (RICK!!). This one's more focused on Hayley to give an insight to her and her personality, so you can definitely judge her after this. Leave some comments/ critiscing and please vote. Sorry again if the wait was long, again, STUDYING. I'm very close to having a panic attack. ALMOST. So if this is bad it's becaus I've rushed.



The Assistant 7: Hayley's "Halo"

Aaron's POV.

I felt my teeth grinding. What were my parents doing? This could totally ruin my chances with Natalie. She might think that I want to rub it in that I was friends with a model and I loved her, something she was only guessing about, and Hayley . . . she's been acting weird since the day I told her about Nat.


"What?" Hayley asked, her voice dripping with venom.

"You heard what I said," I mumbled. Truthfully, as much as I loved her, Hayley was really scary sometimes.

"You can't like Natalie. She's your assistant. And you're you. You'd be much better off with ME, Aaron. That's what I was going to say. Aaron, I LOVE you. Don't you understand? It's been bottled up inside me for a long, LONG, time. You can NOT like Natalie . . . she's an ASSISTANT," she said in that You-can't-be-serious voice.

"Hayley, you've never loved me up until that moment I said I liked Natalie," I reasoned with her.

She glared at me like I'd done something unforgivable . . . like telling the truth to her face. Why was Hayley acting like this? Isn't she happy that I've found someone I like? She probably never knew, but now I'm over her. Sure, I just fell out of love . . . on a one-sided relationship, but that doesn't mean I can't start feeling drawn to someone else. Hayley glanced at the white table cloth. Then standing up swiftly she collected her purse and walked out of the 4-Star restaurant.


"Hayley, it's so good to see you!" My mum said, spreading her arms wide to welcome and hug Hayley.

Hayley smiled and pulled up a chair next to Natalie. I could tell Natalie wasn't pleased. She gave Hayley a grimacing smile before taking her hand when Hayley introduced herself all over again. Doesn't she already know Natalie and vice versa? While I was completely defuddled with the re-introducing I noticed the slight mumbling that started.

I began to focus and the mumbling turned into words. ". . . works at your agency! What a coincedence!" My mum smiled, particularly to Hayley.

My parents had always thought highly of Hayley, how she had strived with her then poor family. How she became intellegent and beautiful as we grew up. Even though they didn't say I knew that they thought we would end up being married one day. I thought so too . . . then I met Natalie. Annoyingly fun, beautiful, bright, funny, cute Natalie.

"Really?" Hayley replied with a quizically raised brow. "I never noticed her there before, it must be those terribly high desks that shield their faces. Or the fact that I don't look at them . . . I thought you told me Natalie worked for the law firm you work for?" Hayley asked directedly at me. My parents looked at me questioningly and Natalie was staring at the innocent Hayley so hard I expected a hole to form on her smooth forehead.

"Oh yeah. I used to. Maybe you didn't hear that since your little airy head can't take it. Well, I work for the agency now. I like variety," she said bitterly with a hidden meaning.

My parents ignored Natalie's not very subtle outburst and continued talking to Hayley after a short silent moment. Natalie lazily looked up at me through her thick lowered lashes, a flirty suggestion but I knew she only did that because I was taller than her. Soon, Natalie quietly excused herself from the table, clearly appearing bored from the recent conversation. I stood up from my seat and followed her.

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