The Assistant 4

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Thanks for reading the latest installments of the Assistant and following up. As long as I have readers, loyal or not, I'm happy. If you're entertained, I"m entertained. I know I've been cliffhangering with "who" lately and I hope that's ok. I also hope that you've been enjoying the read and the plot line, however predictable or unpredictable it is. Enjoy this chapter!


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The Assistant 4

Natalie's POV

"To people, and their suck-ass jobs!" Bree toasted as we lifted up our shot glasses and swallowed the bitter alcohol.

Bree and I both had an exhausting (or exciting if you ask me) time at work today so, like everything is solved, we went to a dive bar/club and drank or danced. Occasionally, a one-night stand if we were drunk and stupid enough. Pretty much the whole night we danced with strangers and drank many, many shots. But not enough to be drunk . . . fully anyway.

"Ooh lala. Check out the stressed out hottie over at the bar! I bet he has a suck-ass job as well! Maybe one of us will get lucky tonight," Bree laughed, wiggling her eyebrows. I laughed and rolled my eyes as I followed her lingering gaze.

He had short brown (from what it looks like under the purple lights anyway) hair, a loosened electric blue tie and - oh my God. That can't be him! Bree was starting to look tipsy as she hopped off her stool and walked over to the man. Who was my boss.

Aaron actually looked really . . . tired, not just sleepy tired but . . . more of a "tired with life" tired. It shocked me. His head was in his hands and he looked up then his eyes met with mine. I returned his stare and broke the awkwardness.

"Aaron! What are you doing here?" I suddenly asked.

Bree's eyes changed from him to me and from lust to shock. She mouthed "Score" and I rolled my eyes at her. I stepped off of my bar stool and approached Aaron slowly, maybe it was beacuse I was nervous or something but I don't know WHY I was like that. I felt my cheeks heat up as I got closer and closer to Aaron. I put a hand to my cheek checking my temperature. Yup, I was flaming. Blushing. I didn't like it. He turned his torso around to face me, face ridden with disbelief. I guess I was shocked too, it's not everyday you see your boss at a club. The same club as you, looking sadly dishevelled and exhausted.

"Aaron, what are you doing HERE?" I asked again, more softly this time since I had gotten over my little phase of shock.

He eyed me lazily, probably a little too drunk to look at me suspiciously. "Aren't I entitled to a drink?" He asked. He didn't sound drunk at all. Good thing, if he passed out and it turned out that I had to bring him home . . . well, you could count on me NOT to do that. I've been vomited on WAY too many times.

I cocked my head to the side, letting my copper red curls fall past my shoulder. I smiled at him as if I was agreeing with him and sat next to him. Bree raised her eyebrows and sat on the other side of him. We ordered some drinks, mine just a Heinekin while Bree went for another vodka tonic and Aaron continued to drink whatever he was drinking. He groaned exasperatedly and ran both his hands through his already stuck up hair. I face and looked at him in amusement. I had never seen this, drinking, tired, slightly sad looking side of my boss before. Maybe he WAS human. I looked past him and at Bree, she just looked at him, eyes filled with lust. God, horny much?

"So, Mr. Aaron Hansen slash boss, what are you, doing here? Not that you're not meant to be here but I'm just asking," I said calmly.

"Well, it doesn't really matter to you. I don't need to tell you. Also, since you're my assistant, if I become too drunk to go home you have to come with me. I order you too. And also, for tomorrow, you should already have a box of aspirins and coffee ready for me by the time I get there," he demanded once more.

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