The Assistant 14

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The Assistant 14 - Reason

Natalie's POV

I swallowed and took a deep breath in. Just act normal, I told myself. I took in another deep breath and put on a brave smile. It's just two more weeks. Continuing my usual cheeriness, now just a facade, I opened the doors of the office where Aaron sat in his majestic wheelie chair. I grinned at him widely, hoping he wouldn't see the sadness in my eyes.

He looked back at me. First he looked confused then his adorable face twisted into hurt and anger. I dodged his eyes immediately. It was the right thing to do. If I knew, not completely knew, but even if a part of me knew I liked him then I'd have to quit. Office romances are bad, especially when it's with your boss. This would be the only way to solve it.

As for Rick? Who knew what I was going to do with him? My mind drifted into many fantasy scenarios of me breaking up with him as I took my seat, thankful I wore a knee-length, woolen dress when I sat on the cool leather. One of my scenarios ended up with me crying and yelling hysterically, I'd have to avoid that one. Another was . . . well, I was sulky and moody like a rebellious teen waiting for their punishment. The worst one was where I told him calmly. He would take it easily and smoothly like he did and confess to it, leaving me in the restaurant for all passerbys to stare at me with pity.

The thing was though, I didn't care. I didn't care if he just left me with strangers to look at me like I was hurt and lonely. I didn't care if he'd been seeing her behind my back. I didn't care if he told me it was because of me. I didn't care at all. Not a bit. That was the thing that concerned me.


Today had to be one of the worst days I'd spent at work. It was eerily and awkwardly silent all the time. You could've cut the tension with a knife. I would gaze at Aaron periodically then turn away feeling guilty yet have a fleeting feeling of excitement. He would talk to me emotionless and I would just nod my head in answer. Is this how normal office relationships were supposed to be?


"So, is it true?" I asked Rick hesitantly.

"Yes. It was arranged but I fell for her. I didn't mean to keep it from you," he said slowly. I guess being cautious if I had a crazy outburst or something.

"Oh. So, when are you going to England?" I asked with an uneasy smile. I didn't feel anything for Rick anymore, so this break up was a lot easier than I thought.

"On Sunday," he replied with a wry smile. "I guess this means we're broken up?"

"You guess correctly. I should see you off. Before you leave or anything. Considering our history, or present I guess, I should. You could leave not feeling guilty. We'll see each other off as friends," I said with a hopeful smile.

"Yeah, thanks. I really am sorry Natalie. Although, I didn't intend on feeling guilty," he said innocently and straight forward.

Don't mind my non-existent feelings or anything, Rick!

"It's really OK. I'll see you on Sunday then," I replied.


"Why?" Aaron asked, slamming his flat palm on my desk, causing a few papers to fall onto the floor like leaves falling of their branch in Autumn.

"Why what?" I asked him back with wide innocent eyes even though I knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Why are you quitting? Is there something wrong?" He asked, a little softer.

"It's nothing bad, Aaron. You'll get a new assistant -"

"Not one as sweet or caring or as beautiful as you."

I looked down sadly, and faced him with another fake, brave smile. "Thanks, Aaron. People just have to move on. You didn't think I'd be your assistant forever did you?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Exactly," I interrupted. "It's because I work 12 hour days sometimes. It's stressful! How about the fact that we've slept together?" How about the fact that I like you? I said in my head.

"The hours could be lessened! And I thought that night was nothing," he pleaded.

His last statement drove a knife into my heart. It hurt and I didn't want to know why. I felt my eyes becoming watery. God, I'm such a cry baby.

"Aaron, stop trying to make me stay. Deep down you know I'll end up leaving," I said with a sorry smile. Actually, deep down, I wasn't sure of anything at the moment.

"Deep down, Natalie, you know I love you. You know I want you to stay," he confessed again, eyes sad, hurt and pleading. He looked as if he would go on his knees and beg soon.

"There's your answer," I said with a sad smile.

"It's because of me?" He asked, confusion and hurt displayed on his face again.

"No, it's because I feel the same way," I answered in a voice so soft I really hoped he didn't hear.

He walked slowly over to my side of the desk as I looked down at my cute, black, patent, strappy heels. My heart that was beating rapidly felt as if it doubled its pace. I was pretty sure my pale complexion flushed red at my cheeks. I continued to look at my shoes, suddenly embarrassed.

"What did you say," he asked in a light whisper. His cool breath cooling my cheeks down, but at the same time making me blush even harder.

He put a hand on the back of my chair and was already bent down, looking up expectantly at me. Waiting for an answer. Asking for an answer. I told myself to be brave and gazed at his soft, kissable lips, his smooth skin, his enviously long dark lashes. Then his deep, brown, trustful eyes. Eyes that I could've drowned in.

"I said that I -"

Me explanation was cut short when he rose to interlock his tongue with mine. His kiss felt deep and meaningful. We both stood up, still furiously kissing. We started ripping each others clothes off, stumbling into his office. He leaned my bare back down on his desk, swiping the papers onto the floor. He pushed his chest onto mine and teasing my bottom lip with his teeth. I moaned and flicked my tongue wildly in his sweet mouth. We kissed hard and passionately, soft and lightly, we kissed in every way, and in every way we kissed it felt right.

Office sex is surely the best it can get.


Well, I hope to wrap TA soon so I can get on TJ&I. Woah, it looks weird abbrivieted seeing as how I know someone called TJ . . . O.O . . . Anyhoos, I hope you're liking both, but at least one! Please comment and vote! Thank you!! XD Sorry I couldn't get the chapter longer, I guess my 'lots of ideas' were forgotten in the process of writing.



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