The Assistant 12

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The Assistant 12: Tension

Natalie's POV

Everything was great. Just fine. Peachy. With Rick, that is. And Aaron! Even after the whole sleeping with my boss thing. I mean, it wasn't THAT bad. Ever since though, I just feel like a part of me is missing, like I'm bored. Incomplete.

Which is weird, I have Rick! I could totally jump him, that's something to do! Something that might make me . . . "complete". The idea just doesn't appeal to me though. It just feels like a chore whenever I think, Just go and sleep with Rick. I feel like a voice is saying in the back of my head, Do I have to? So I don't know if I should or shouldn't. I didn't feel this before. This is all Aaron's fault.

Partly mine.

But mostly his.

"Nat? Stop dazing and get me those files on your desk," Aaron ordered.

Aaron was also pissing me off. He looked at me expectantly over the rim of his coffee mug. Aaron was so . . . calm and easy. Before the sex he was agitated and crazy. It makes me feel that I "calmed" him down or something. It just scared me a little. He didn't feel like . . . 'Aaron'. And somehow, every time I saw him I felt like doing it with him again. ESPECIALLY at work.

It was like routine every morning. Aaron would come in looking pretty damn gorgeous. I would bite my lip and temptation and have a little fantasy sequence where I rip his clothes off and we have hot office sex on his desk. Then he would snap me out of it and I would feel like kicking myself.

It was like that.


"Nat, the files?" Aaron prompted again.

I narrowed my eyes at him. I picked up the manila files off of my smooth wooden desk and dropped them onto Aaron's desk causing it to make a 'thwack' sound. Suddenly this urge to tempt him came and my body just reacted naturally.

"Wooh! Aaron, isn't it really hot today?" I asked rhetorically. I fanned myself with my small hand and unbuttoned my first button to show a little cleavage. I sat on his side of the desk, stretched out my legs while leaning back on my smooth palms and faced up at the clean, white ceiling. "So hot today," I answered.

I saw his eyes roaming my body. That's it. I looked down at his well-tailored, dark pants. Score. Oh, hell.

I slid from his desk and onto his lap. I kissed him deeply and our tongues danced in unison. He moaned a little and unbuttoned another button on my lilac, collared shirt. I smiled with triumph. My hands reached around his head to intertwine my fingers with strands of his mousy brown hair. His hands smoothed up my thigh.

My lips pushed harder onto his and he moaned in response and pleasure. Suddenly I felt cold. I parted and my shirt was unbuttoned all the way down to reveal my black, lacy bra. I jumped off of his lap and put my fingers onto my lips.

"Aaron, what are you doing?!"

"Me? What are YOU doing?!" He asked back, standing up from his chair. His unbuttoned shirt billowing a little as he did. Showing off those really hot abs . . .

"I'm the one who was kissed!"

"You're the one that kissed back!" I screamed.

"YOU have a boyfriend!"

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