The Assistant 5

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The Assistant 5: Hangover

Aaron's POV.

I woke up with my brain banging against my skull. I sat up and pressed a palm to my forhead and groaned. Last night. Last night. LAST NIGHT. What happened last night? I asked myself. I looked down at my attire, just my well-tailored pants. I tried really hard to remember. I know that Hayley ran out of our "romantic" dinner and that I went to a bar to get drunk. Where I think I succeeded in. I also remember bumping into Natalie and her friend. After that . . . nothing. I squeezed my eyes shut and still nothing came to mind. I fell back down to my deep bed, feeling someone next to me stir and groan. My eyes widened in alarm and I sat back up, looking to my left.

I caught site of a patch of wild red hair. Oh no, I chanted in my head. This can't be happening. I still had my pants on so I know we didn't do IT. Then again, my zip WAS undone. I pulled the rich duvet off of Natalie's slim shape. I was pretty sure my eyes had bulged out of their sockets when I saw Nat's attire. She was only clad in her racy red bra and short panty thingies. Oh my God. I slept with my assistant. After I was turned down by the love of my life. Ok, she didn't turn me down but it felt the same. FEELS the same.

I pushed myself out of bed reluctantly, my head still beating strongly, and ambled over to my bathroom to take a shower. I slipped of the remainder of my clothes and felt the warm water wash over me. The droplets of fresh clean water loudly hit the shower tiles but they weren't loud enough for me to hear the loud, high-pitched scream. I turned around so fast I slipped on the tiles and pushed the wet glass door open. Leaving me on the floor, wet, naked and looking up at a shocked Natalie.

"Oh my God. This is not happening," she gasped. She covered her eyes with her soft delicate hands and scurried out of the bathroom.

I pushed myself up from my . . . fall and twisted the faucet to stop the warm water from running and wasting water. I stepped out of the already open shower door and onto the smooth, shaggy rug beneath my feet. I pulled a long towel and dried myself while shaking my head.

I tied the coffee brown towel around my waist as I ran for my bedroom to change into . . . well, clothes. Thank God it was a Sunday, no work. If it wasn't we could've both stuffed our jobs. But if they knew we also slept together then we'd be unemployed for sure. I walked around my house, looking for Natalie or just a glimpse of copper wire red.

When I looked in the kitchen she stepped out with her dress that I presume she was wearing last night. Yes, I was THAT drunk that I just noticed her and not HER, if you get what I mean. She held her sparkly black clutch in her left hand and was hitting her right palm with it, clearly thinking of a conversation starter. Her tight fitting, strapless, midnight blue dress accentuated her features and she looked really hot. Then she flashed me an embarrassed smile and I felt that I wanted to kiss her again.

"Look, I know you're panicking right now. Don't worry, we did NOT sleep together. I was really sleepy and convinced myself, even though I shouldn't have, to sleep on your bed, which rocks by the way. Then I slipped out of my dress because it doesn't exactly match jeans and a t-shirt comfortability. And I didn't want you to crinkle your shirt or be uncomfortable yourself so . . ." She explained.

Aww, how sweet of her. It was a good thing that I didn't sleep with her. Yeah, good thing. We both turned our head around to the direction of the door. It was opening. Hayley's long, tanned legs came into view as she swayed over to where I stood, from her postion she didn't see Natalie behind the cream wall. She smiled at me happily and gave me a hug. Hayley then noticed how sitff (not down there, just you know an overall stiff) I had become and parted from me with a confused look.

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