The Assistant 2

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This is the second chapter. First chapter was in the guy's POV. Just to give an insight about the guy. So this time I'll do it on the girl. Thank you, even though you probably won't, please vote and comment. Enjoy!



The Assistant: Chapter 2

Natalie's POV.

I rolled my eyes as I exited Aaron's office. The beautiful girl looked so familiar. Oh, I know! She's that new model people have been talking about. . . Hayley . . . Sommers? He so likes her. It's written all over his arrogant, grinning face. My new boss may have a heart. He had a childish but cute grin just looking at her. She looked pleased but he looked in love and happy, she didn't. To me she seemed stuck up, but I don't know her.

"Taxi!" I called out waving my hand in the air like a lunatic. Meh, I kind of am.

The yellow car pulled over. I smiled and hopped in. I gave the driver my new address for my apartment. I checked my purse for cash. All I needed was $20. I rifled through my bag and - oh crud. I didn't have a 20. Or a 10. I had no cash. I looked around frantically. Oh God.

"Here we are," the male driver announced, looking back at me. I bit my lip.

Then a tall blonde guy opened the cab door. I looked up at him in surprise. He had such a cute smile that showed off his pearl white teeth. He was wearing a crisp black suit and a smile on his face. Looking at him made me forget about the cab fare or lack there of. I smiled and swivelled in my seat to step out.

"Uhh, miss? $19.60 please?" the cab driver prompted.

I felt my eyes widen and the blood rush to my cheeks. The man shook his head with a smile. I bit my lip nervously and gave the driver a fake smile. I put a finger up and was about to feign looking through my bag until the man waiting outside lightly took my hand and stopped me.

"I'll take care of it. It looks like you aren't . . . prepared and I'm late for my meeting," he said, dazzling me with his wonderful smile again.

"God. I am so sorry. I just. . . yeah, you're late. You should let me repay you some time," I told him suggestively as I stepped out of the cab trying to elongate my legs. A woman's best feature.

"No, it's ok. Maybe if I see you again then you can repay me," he said. Fate believer?


"God, what a dick," Bree commented.

I just got home from my new job and I was telling Bree, my roommate, about my first day. Which was horrible, by the way. It was midnight, the only time we could talk to each other. We were in our new kitchen, eating from a chocolate and vanilla ice-cream tub.

"I know. He was all 'Natalie, get out, I'm too busy drooling over the hottie model at the door'. Well OK, he didn't ACTUALLY say the last part but it was written all over his face," I told her.

"A model?" She asked loudly.

"Yeah. You know that pretty brunette that's like on ALL the Coco Chanel ads and billboards throughout town? Sometimes I see him just staring at the billboard with her on it. I think her name was Hayley Sommers. My boss is still crazy though. He looked at me as if I was crazy. Oh well.

"Whatever, Guess what? I met this TOTALLY hot guy on the way home," I told her excitedly.

"Oooh, really? Didn't you just get out of like a SERIOUS relationship?" She asked.

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