The Assistant

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This is my new story. I hope you enjoyed the past two series I've just wrapped up. Except for Unnoticed there's still an Epilogue. I hope you like this one. I tweaked the name a bit to The Assistant. Not that much different but they're more involved so yeah. I'm doing something I've never done before: Adults and a man's POV. So if there's anything that's out of the ordinary just give me a shout out. Please comment and vote even if you don't like it, that's still saying something. Enjoy!


P.S. Like all my introductions it's going to start off slow just introducing everyone bit by bit. Or introducing the main characters. So don't take it FULLY out on me if it's boring. Do that on chapter 2.


The Assistant

I'd have to call Amy. This was unacceptable. She was clearly not right for this job. I looked at her crying at the dark wooden desk, scrunched up tissues sprawled and scattered on the smooth surface. She looked unstable. She dressed like a child. She wore a bright pink flowy dress up to mid-thigh with matching pink stilettos. Pink people, this is an office not . . . whatever a place is where they wear lots of pink! I shook my head in disbelief. Her head was in her hands so she hadn't noticed me yet. How could Amy give me such an incapable assistant? This HAD to be a joke. Sadly though, I didn't think it was. I cleared my throat loudly. That got her attention.

Her head snapped up. Beneath all that smudged make up she was strikingly beautiful. Hazel surrounded wide and innocent pupils. Her lips were plump and defined, her cheek bones were hidden but I could tell they were high and strong. Her medium dark red tresses curled at her shoulder. The young girl's heart shaped face showed innocence. Yet I was annoyed. Still annoyed. She was beautiful, but so was Angelina Jolie. Do you know what I've heard? She's a bitch.

"Mr. Hansen! Hi. Hey. Hello. I mean, good morning. I am so sorry about the mess. See, my boyfriend just broke up with me, for my best friend! And everything's just been hectic. They've called me like a hundred times. Hayley, my friend, she's been a slut for a long time, but my boyfriend? Ugghh, my boyfriend, Jack. You'd think he'd know better! He's smart! He's gonna be a doctor! So I don't understand why - oh. Sorry sir. . . Don't worry no one's seen me yet," she assured.

"I have. Get this place cleaned up. Have I received a call from Mrs. Kirralyn yet?" I asked her.

She talked way too much than I liked and way too loud. I could already tell her mind would be wandering and not focused. Amy said she personally knew her. Then why'd she hire her? I shook my head once again.

"No. No one's called the office lately, Mr. Hansen. I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Natalie Wilson. You're new assistant, or secretary. So I'll be ready 24 hours a day," she said, picking up the tissues with a smile.

I walked into my office, admiring the crap view I'd been given. I loved this place and I was high up enough, there was bound to be a great view, right? Wrong. It was the city. Building here and another one over there. Cars everywhere, people walking. There was nothing special about it. It was dull and grey and boring. Sometimes you could see the sunset or rise over the buildings but that just hurt my eyes. Then I heard a knock at my door. I turned around and there was Natalie. I looked at her questioningly.

"I'm going to grab some coffee. Would you like some?" She asked happily. SHE's going out for coffee? She can't just go out like that. Natalie Wilson must think she can do things like that. I did need a pick-me-up though.

"Fine. I'll have a latte with EXTRA foam. TWO sugar packets. When I get it I expect it to be hot. Be quick, I'm not gonna answer the phone," I told her strictly. She nodded her head, her curls bouncing.

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