The Assistant 8

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Sorry it's been a while. EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK! Good thing I'm not panicking yet but the time will come. . . be prepared. Jks jks. My friend and a little bit of me have come up with a great plot for the story so now I know what direction I'm facing, unlike the other stories. So thanks very much Mackenzie. Please vote and comment and I hope you enjoy this chapter.



The Assistant 8: 6 Months Later

(Make sure you read the 6 months later bit)

Natalie's POV

Why was he doing this? It's like he wanted me to be late for my date with Rick. They're best buds, so what is he doing? Ever since I asked Aaron to let me off early, which I genuinely thought he would, because I had a date with Rick he's been giving me more demands than I would do on a usual day. "Laundry." "Coffee." "Cappuccino." "Clothes." "Present." "Balloons." He gave me no explanation WHY he needed them except foor "Just 'cause." It really made me angry, I was full on dressed up and everything! He is so going to get it from Rick tomorrow!

On the relationship front with Rick, everything was great! We had dates every Saturday because he didn't have work that day. I did, hence this problem I have stumbled upon. Rick was so great, he'd even taken me to his snazzy, sleek and modern apartment. It had the 'wow' factor for me seeing as how my apartment was small and cramped . . . and had Bree in it. Every single date we went on Rick would give me a single perfect red rose. I became tired of it after a few months but then he upped it when he gave me a beautiful, real, diamond necklace. I felt really guilty because I had nothing to give him back so I told him I'd repay him for it some day. I was hoping that day to be today! Stupid boss. I thought Aaron and I were over the whole 'Mean boss/Annoying assistant' thing ages ago!

Speaking of relationships and Aaron he'd finally gotten with Hayley. After a few weeks of that disastrous and utterly boring dinner with his parents (where I totally think I gave him a boner, which Bree and I laughed at for hours) he suddenly told me Hayley and him were going out. I told him congrats and that it was about time. He just death stared at me in response then smiled with a frown . . . if that's possible, but that's how it felt.

What was really annoying though was Hayley. She'd drop by EVERY second day! Clingy, much? Then she'd rub it in my face that she "got it on" with Aaron with crappy, hinting lines like:

"Rick and I are going away this Sunday. He might be late to work for Monday *WINK WINK*."

"Oh Rick totally messed up the sheets last night!"

I groaned inwardly every time I saw her, spoke to her and a part of me wanted to stab her in the eye or punch her in her 'angelic' face, according to FAMOUS anyway. Angelic my ass. I know I hated her guts but this was a weird extreme hate that I've only ever felt once, when I walked in on my ex and my ex-BFF. Which is totally crazy and puzzled me . . . A LOT.

"Aaron! Can I go now? It's nearly 7!! Come ON Aaron!" I whinged.

He looked at me with an annoyed face. "You work for me basically 24/7 Nat. Don't be such a whiney baby!"

My eyes widened. What was wrong with him. I narrowed my eyes and looked at him through my lashes. Aaron gave me a questioning look back and I poked my tongue out at him. Damn, I'm mature *sarcasm*. A minute later it was as if a light had turned on in my head. I was going to get out of this office and be there on my date with Rick by 7:15. Ok, that's physically impossible, let's be realistic here, 7:30.

I swayed my way up to Aaron. He was sitting on his majestic black leather chair. I smiled at him sweetly and hoped I looked innocent. I trailed my fingers along the edge of his smooth dark wooden desk. I sat on it when I was at his side. I crossed my smooth legs and looked at him.

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