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Chapter 41: Giant and little B

I did not respond.

Standing still like some kind of a guardian statue. Chanyeol worked his way to satisfy himself with my mouth; his hot mouth and warm kisses savouring mine with seething emotions exploded in an instant. Powerful hands curving around my hips, forcefully pulling me closer to him. A wave of heat in my system struck me. His gentleness is one thing I have missed because after all of the mess, he fucked me like I'm some kind of a slut, a bitch waiting for some tight ass fuck.

"Baekhyun," Chanyeol called my name like a sacred prayer desperate to be heard. I was frozen. Watching his lips parted, it reminds me of how his soft lips used to pleasure me, how his big hands roamed around my body and just how he used to make love with me.

He held my chin and tilted it up. I could see nothing but the tug of longing in his melting eyes. I swallowed hard and my dilated gaze swept down to look at his parted lips, so soft and inviting. Chanyeol claimed my lips again and this time, I finally responded. Anguished desire stormed through me, such conflicting emotions roiling within me. Chanyeol kissed me hot, wild and mind blowing --- as always.

He step forward and I moved back without  discontinuing our kiss. His hands moved to my thighs, lifting me up. I quickly wrapped my legs around his middle before he sat on the couch, lapping me. His every kisses gone even more wilder as if filling the emptiness and yearning of the months we haven't been this close or months that we hadn't have sex.

Maybe it's not sex but deeper. Making love, like we don't wanna leave the bed anymore. He unbuttoned my shirt. And I only let him.

Chanyeol pressed me into contact with his erection beneath me. We were just kissing and now, he's hard as a rock. I shutted my eyes as a wild wave of longing quivered in my system as our tongue played an erotic, teasing game with the sensitive interior of my mouth. The same way we always did. I felt him tracing my neck, to the crook and my shoulder with his hot kisses. I was lost.

And it felt so good.. so good.

Kissing Chanyeol now, felt like two puzzle pieces perfectly fit together, like I've finally made it through the labyrinth of pain and I, found him waiting for me in the exit, which is a garden of flowers in different varieties.

Chanyeol rubbed his manhood and tiny little moans of pleasure broke low in my throat. I clutched at his nape, deepening our kisses. I could feel the overflowing hunger with our body this close, with his erection grinding in a slow, teasing torment. I moaned against his ear, my heart throbbing and pulses racing, if I didn't stop him. We will end up having sex.

I'll end up, submitting again.

I stopped him, "Enough,"

"Why?" he asked confusedly.

I stared at him, couldn't speak.

"It's just because of the liquor. That we are this excited and lustful," I explained, buttoning my shirt back. We could pretend that we're still good for Jesper but this thing between us, is something beyond repair. Yes, he's regretting it all now but the fact that he hated me more than he loves me, still hurts.

When I was about to stand up, Chanyeol hugged me. "Don't go," he murmured. I didn't move and he nestled his face to my shoulder. "Baekhyun, I need you back in my life. If you'll give me another chance, one last chance.. I swear to my grave, I'll cross the seven seas and bring this family back in seventh heaven." he cooed under his breath yet his voice sounded a bit shaky.

"..." I did not answer.

"I'm not asking you to grant me your full forgiveness but let's make it work. If you are asking me reasons why we should," he paused and, lifted his gaze. Chanyeol's eyes are shining with his tears building. "Is our son not enough? For Jesper? Mrs. Park," I bowed down and Chanyeol cupped my face.

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