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Secrets And Saving Of A Destroyer by alchemistsouls
Secrets And Saving Of A Destroyerby alchemistsouls
"Give up Error we have your friends,if you move so much as an inch we will kill them" Ink said. Error sighed and stayed still as Ink used his purple paint to c...
ABHIGYA FF ANGEL IN MY LIFE 💑 by subagokul118
Rewriting of kumkumbhagya story from the beginning... To know more peep in ...
ONLY MINE.. NOW, THEN & FOREVER  by subagokul118
ONLY MINE.. NOW, THEN & FOREVER by ❤SubaDharshini
A Possessive Love Story of AbhiGya Abhi being a Possessive Boy will Get Pragya by hook or crook! Let's see How he gonna Make HER AS HIS TO KNOW MORE PEEP IN!
MAKING HIM AS HER'S by AbhigyaJaan
MAKING HIM AS HER'Sby Abhigya Jaan
A love story of a possessive girl....
TS - LOVE FIND ITS WAY  by subagokul118
TS - LOVE FIND ITS WAY by ❤SubaDharshini
What Will Happen If Two Twin Sisters Love the Same Boy!?? Who he Will accept?? And What will Be the Reaction of Other Girl?? To Know More Peep in!!
Twist of Fate ~ Charlie Hunnam by AlexandraPaige1
Twist of Fate ~ Charlie Hunnamby Alexandra
"I've been yours since the moment you spilled your coffee on me-" "That was an accident!" "-then when I saw you again, I knew I had to have you...
DROWNING IN YOUR LOVE ❤ by subagokul118
DROWNING IN YOUR LOVE ❤by ❤SubaDharshini
Both Abhi and Pragya Love each Other. They Married Each other without the Wish Of their Parents. To know More Peep in!
You Are My Destiny by shwathii
You Are My Destinyby shwathii
Pragya and Abhi, both have likely different pasts.. When both enter into a bond of marriage, what they will do?? they both don't like each other nor they do have atleast...
SS - Bhabhi To Biwi - A Dark Love Story by writtenbyabhi
SS - Bhabhi To Biwi - A Dark Tᴀʟᴇs Bʏ Aʙʜɪ
Pragya was married to Karan and thought to give a chance for their marriage life. When Pragya miserably fails in her marriage life, how her life changes with Abhi, her h...
FF - Wajah Tum Ho by writtenbyabhi
FF - Wajah Tum Hoby Tᴀʟᴇs Bʏ Aʙʜɪ
I am Abhi and she my life Pragya. Age doesn't matter infront of our love. I love her and my love is enough for her not my age. Her love is enough for me. she is the back...
OUR DESTINY  by subagokul118
OUR DESTINY by ❤SubaDharshini
This Story is About AbhiGya's Destiny! Let's see what their Destiny Stocks for them!!
SS - Desires by writtenbyabhi
SS - Desiresby Tᴀʟᴇs Bʏ Aʙʜɪ
Sometimes, someone's helplessness would turn out to be your benefit. Sometimes, someone's inappropriate way of help would lead you to your dreams. When this helplessnes...
FAITH ON MY TRUE LOVE ❤ by subagokul118
FAITH ON MY TRUE LOVE ❤by ❤SubaDharshini
A Episode in Policeman's Life Abhi Being a Police Officer (ACP) & Pragya Being a Teacher! What will Happen if they Crosses Path? To know More Peep In!
WILL EVER UNITE??  by subagokul118
WILL EVER UNITE?? by ❤SubaDharshini
Rewriting of kumkumbhagya leap.. But not 20 years but 3 years......What will happen If Pragya And Abhi crosses their Path After 3 years?? Will they Come to Know about...
FF - Pyaar Ka Safar - Abhi Aur Pragya Ki Kahani by writtenbyabhi
FF - Pyaar Ka Safar - Abhi Aur Tᴀʟᴇs Bʏ Aʙʜɪ
Two soul which doesn't know they are meant for each other, when they met for the first time. But Destiny played a game with their life, Will they reach their destiny of...
TS - Shaadi Se Pyaar Tak by writtenbyabhi
TS - Shaadi Se Pyaar Takby Tᴀʟᴇs Bʏ Aʙʜɪ
Two people with different life style She just lost her husband recently He was into a relationship just to make sure it gonna work between them for lifelong or not. Her...
FF - Senior -> Jeeju -> Soulmate by writtenbyabhi
FF - Senior -> Jeeju -> Soulmateby Tᴀʟᴇs Bʏ Aʙʜɪ
This story was all about Abhi and Pragya. He is her First Crush She is the One Close Person for him Life has planned a twisty journey for them, what was that? This is g...
You're All I Never Wanted by shhh11
You're All I Never Wantedby shhh11
Katherine's POV Fuck me now and call me a virgin.... Did that just happened??? If i wasn't so scared of him right now,i would slap his rich ass straight to tomorrow,how...
This story evolves around a man who stuck between the girls who loves him madly. He cannot hurt one for another. How he is going to come out from it and unite with his l...
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