special chapter: first snow

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Not the sequel to next life. To those who got confused in the previous SC, that's chanbaek in their next life, just like what the title says.
Sunlight filtered through the sheets casting a lustrous glow in Chanyeol's eyes, on his face and on his skin. He reached out and touched a few strands of my hair, curling his fingers into the thick locks. He breathed in my scent to my neck, and I braced up on my elbow. He was smiling at me, that same cunning smile.

"What?" I asked him.

"You look like a perfect picture draped in the sheets. So how am I supposed to go to work after seeing you like this?" he said.

"This is why I married you."

"Or maybe, it's because you're drawn to me as much as I am to you." I pinched his stomach, "I am a hundred times drawn to you as much as you are to me, Baekhyun, and that is irrevocable." Chanyeol added.

I laughed softly, nestling my head onto his chest, "Feeding me with your praise, and sweet words gives me a sense of intense gratification. It's the best breakfast I've ever had, Mr. Park. You feed me well and because of that, I'm granting you a kiss."

"Only a kiss?"

I rolled my eyes, "Are all giants like you have good stamina? Damn it. How many times a day is enough for you?!" I asked.

"It's always craving for you."

"Then let's just kill it!"

"What?! No!" he protested.

A laugh escaped from my mouth due to his expression like his manhood was really on the verge of judgement. Looking deep into his eyes, our sufferings no longer cast pain but memoirs of bravery, a quintessence of sacrifices for your own family. Now, I could see a flare of submission in Chanyeol's eyes. The bond we have, overcoming all struggles was now unbreakable, and much stronger.

"What will you do if I cheat on you?"

Seriousness overtake his light expression. I could feel it passing through my soul then, I heard him sigh ruefully. "I'll kill the man," his sobersided answer sent me in between shocked and scared. He sat at the foot of the bed and tugged my leg. He quickly wrapped it around his waist, "And I will remind you every single day, why you fell inlove with me. Every single day until you come back to me, and back at my mercy." he uttered.

"What if you failed?"

There was a glum silence afterwards before he trailed my back with his delicate hands. I flung my arm around his neck, "You know that your happiness is mine too." he said. And quickly, I rested my forehead onto his.

"Today nor tomorrow, you will always be my happiness, Chanyeol. Always. That is irrevocable." I said.

"And your body is a citadel that I want to conquer, every inch of you, every supple flesh, all of you, Baekhyun." he whispered in a gruff carnal voice above my ears. Damn. Chanyeol knows how to set up the mood and be sexy at the right time. I just found myself anticipating for his hands to touch me more.

Touch me, dammit, I'm so into it.

"You already did. You already placed your flag in my hole anyways." I told him with a few laughs and he joined me. His uproarious laugh that lifts up my spirit. Talking dirty in the morning was our favorite breakfast and always will be. Chanyeol smothered me with kisses on my face and neck, a daily vitamin.

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