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Chapter 40: Kiss


I missed you too, Mrs. Park.

Simple words yet marked a big impact. It took me like a tornado hit the backyard. I couldn't even utter a word. I held Jesper's hand with soothing strokes of my thumb. I felt better seeing his face, smiling. Smiles in the corner of his lips, I remembered all too well. Knowing that he's okay and breathing and still alive, I can finally sleep. If he dies, I don't know what to do with my life. Useless.

My life will be probably useless.

"Jesper missed mom and dad. Kiss eomma a lot appa, he looks tired more than I do." Jesper said, chortling and I widened my eyes at him. Why is tired being connected to kiss? Jesper sure have ways to tease us but then, I refused to succumb. "It's a kiss but I know it'll make someone better, brimming with so much happiness. I'm happy. So please, I want you to stop fighting, okay?" he added.

Jesper always talk like an adult.

"Tinuro mo ba to sa kanya?"

"No, I didn't! Jesper is just used to seeing us kissing before." hearing those words, I could feel my cheeks burning in a instant. I crumpled my face in utter disgust to cover it all up. It reminds me of his kiss a while ago. And his gruff voice singing a ballad floating above my head and his sweet declaration; I haven't heard those three words from him a long time. Hearing those now seems foreign.

"Well, I'm not used to it anymore." I managed to whisper with gritted teeth.

Tinapal nya naman ang palad nya sa mukha ko saka nya hinilot ang magkasalubong kong kilay. "Aigoo, Mrs. Park! Mukhang pagod si eomma sa byahe anak." Chanyeol said and I heard Jesper laughed. I shoved his hand and gave him a stare that can kill, if only it could.

"Onga po appa. Ganyan din po mukha ni eomma lagi pagtapos nyo magchacha eh! Hehehe! Siguro po nagchacha kayo ano?" Nanlaki ang mata ko at natawa naman agad si Chanyeol dahil dun, pasimpleng siniko ko ang tagiliran nya. "Pumipintig na ulit ang talong ni Appa!!" I facepalmed. What am I going to do with Jesper? If he only knows how nasty that sounds. "I'm so happy po!"

"Appa will never leave again son. I will bring a candle with me so if I get lost, I could still find my way home." Chanyeol said but I didn't bother to look back at him. Yes, I know he's pointing about his mistakes and stupidity, sya naman kasi ang nagligaw sa sarili nya. All he have to do is listen and then, what? He covered his ears and just go.

"A candle is useless without fire."

"You're the fire, Mrs. Park." he muttered, "You were always there with me. A spark in my heart that could lit this candle." he added, making me roll my eyes. Since when we became a fan of idioms? Jesper looked at us in confusion. He probably did get it -- us.

"So, kaya ka naligaw nung una kasi wala kang dalang kandila? Ang galing, haha!" sarkastikong tumawa ako, "Lagi kang may dalang kandila, Park Chanyeol. Actually, all this time yun ang lagi mo pinapagana. Pinapatirik mo nga lang. Bukod kay Nana at Kyungsoo, sino pa?" I added, mockingly.

"Waah! Hindi ko kayo magets!"

I cleared my throat, "Wala nak. Non sense na usapan lang namin ng tatay mo." sabi ko at tinignan ng masama si Chanyeol. Hindi na rin sya sumagot pagkatapos nun. Muli ay pinahiga ko si Jesper at inayos ang coloring books and stories na nandun. Si Chanyeol ay nakaupo lang sa couch at wala pa ring imik.

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