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This will be the last chapter. And I'll post the epilogue on sunday. Thank you to all who support ODPS and I'm sorry to those who are disappointed. Again, thank you ng marami!❤❤️❤️
Chapter 46: Home


Cold wind blew in through the open window and I only watched the curtain dancing with bleary eyes. Silhouettes of the trees kissing the wall and thunder dominating the empty room. A bleak evening with darkness filling me up, making me feel listless and worn-out. After everything my family gone through, I am too jaded for anything but a long silence, to lay down the bed, staring at nothingness.

I heard some light footsteps coming from the hallway so I decided to get up and espied this familiar figure in the corner my eyes as soon as the door swung open. It was Jesper going to his room. I took a step and I found him in the corner playing with his old toys and the other figure approached him; Baekhyun. He held Jesper's hand before he looked at me. I tried to get near them, but the bottom of the curtain behind them starts to set on fire. The same dancing flame Nabi started as I tried to revive Baekhyun. Jesper's room turned into granpa's resthouse, being eaten by the fire.

At the lake, I saw Baekhyun, and I ran after him. I held his cold body as my hands starts to shake again, "Baekhyun, wake up! Come back! Don't leave me here, don't go. Baby please, don't go. Don't cross the line, stay with me. Stay," I cried out, stroking his pale cheeks and I buried him into my chest before his body turned to dust, mixing with the air.

Baekhyun's gone...

"Chanyeol wake up!" The loud bang on my desk woke me up. Nana slumped her hands on her waist, "Sleeping on your duty? Ha? Should I request the other boards to kick you out of your throne?" she said snarkily before she laugh, "Just kidding. Here's the files you requested and I already get you the flowers you needed. One more thing, I'm not your secretary so this will be the last time, I'm doing you a favor." she said.

"Yes. I know, I know." I waved my hand to put an end to our conversation, "Thanks by the way. I owe you a lot." I told her in a low tone, staring at the files stacked untouched.

"You're going to visit them again?"

"Yes," I answered shortly. I grabbed my coat and stood up, "Flowers are on the lobby..?" I asked and Nana bobbed her head, "Then, I better get going. See you tomorrow, Nana. Get a husband and have kids. You are not getting any younger." I joked and she raised an eyebrow. She had a few dates, but no one seems to pass her great wall of qualifications and such. "before something closes." I said.

"What? Gross! Don't make me forget that you are still my boss, Mr. Park!" Nana hurled in embarrassment. "I'm going. Have a safe trip." she added.

"You'll find him one day." I said.

Natahimik si Nana at napayuko. She stared at me bewildered. "How did you know that he is the one? Your wife, Baekhyun." she asked.

I glanced at my hand for a few second, a smile tugging at the corner of my lips. "I just.. just know it the first time my hand perfectly twined with his. That moment when you, get a hold of something and suddenly, you don't wanna let go. That.. you want to make it yours? Just all yours." I answered before I went out. I picked up the flowers at the lobby and went to my car. I stared at the flowers at my side. Every week, I often buy flowers for two persons.

Nagiiwan kasi ako lagi sa cemetery everytime we visit. A bouquet of roses with different colors because, these two person painted my life as colorful as these roses. Life is not easy but still, it was beautiful because they came into my life and filled it with so much love.

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