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Chapter 37: Son


After saying those words, Baekhyun left. On bended knees, I watched his retreating back. Baekhyun didn't even look back, not even a single glance. He made his way to a classy stride towards Nabi's car meeting him half way. I rested my back onto my car while I'm sitting in the cold ground, couldn't help my tears from rolling down my cheeks. Tears I often see in Baekhyun's face all these years.

I gathered myself up and regained my lost composure. While I was driving, my phone rang. I glanced who the caller was before I clicked the answer button. Si Henry hyung.

"Yes, hyung?"

"I already got the results of the herbal tea you've been drinking lately. That one your dad has been sending you? I'll tell you the details when you got here. Now! And don't you ever drink another one pouch today!" sigaw nya na nagpakunot sa noo ko. I guess, may something nga dun sa herbal tea. Fuck. Nararamdaman kong may kakaiba sa akin. I feel like I'm being poisoned in a slow basis. I just need those results if what substance is it because I haven't seen any greater symptoms than dizziness for me to confirm everything.

I drove fast and arrived in almost half an hour. "What's with the results?" I asked.

"It has some Arsenic in it. Did Chairman Park really send this to you?" Nangunot ang noo ko. Arsenic? Arsenic medicines are commonly used to treat diseases, sometimes to a certain type of leukemia. But, it can be very dangerous if taken in higher dosages.

"No, Mrs. Park." I answered.

"Mrs. Park? What? Are they trying to kill you slowly? I know Mrs. Park despise you, but this is too much. Arsenic can kill and it's very dangerous. You need to get it out of you." I nodded my head and slumped it onto the table. "How's Baekhyun? Naayos mo na ba ang problema nyo? Tignan mo na ang ginawa mo. Hindi ka kasi nakinig sa akin! Paano mo ibabalik ang nasayang na panahon? Si Jesper ang naiipit sa inyo eh. Ayusin mo to!" Binatukan ako ni hyung.

"I should've listened to you, hyung. Kung hindi ko lang pinairal ang galit ko at itong kakitiran ng utak ko. Nasalba ko pa sana ang pamilya ko. It pains to see my family sinking slowly and completely because of my stupidity. Aish!" I hit my head a couple of times before Henry stopped me and then he hit me instead. If doing this could bring my family back the way it used to, I'll keep on hitting it so damn hard until Baekhyun comes back home. I don't want to lose hope.

"Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi."

"I hurt him too much."

"That is why, use you ears, not your balls. Use your head and, not your dick. Quite a simple phrase, isn't it? And, not too hard to follow. Tsk. Such a dickhead," he said.

"You really are my friend."

He tapped my back, "Forever,"

Napaangat ako ng tingin nang magring ang phone ko. Si Nana. "Hello, Chanyeol? I saw Jesper walking on the streets while I'm on my way to the hospital. Jesper is carrying a bag with him so, he probably left home unnoticed. Baekhyun will freak out if he finds out Jesper is missing. We'll wait for you, here in front of your house." she said.

"Salamat, Nana! Hyung, una na ako ah?" I ran quickly towards my car. Jesper left home and what if Nana didn't see him? I will surely blame myself. Afterall, ako naman talaga ang may kasalanan nito. Nakarating ako sa bahay after an hour of driving, nastuck kasi ako sa traffic. Nana left few minutes after I arrived. At nang makita ako ni Jesper ay agad syang tumakbo papalapit sa akin at umiyak. Iyak lang sya nang iyak na palakas nang palakas.

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