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So para po sa inyo lahat ito from my kokoro. ChanBaek is life, remember that. Love is a war, be strong like a soldier.:)

*squeal* SONG JOONG KI!!!
Chapter 38: Decision


Nilapitan agad ni Chanyeol si Jesper at sinuri. Seeing our son, almost shouting in pain, hindi ako nakakilos sa kinatatayuan ko. Binalot ako ng sobrang kaba at takot bago ako napatakbo kay Jesper. With my shaking hands, I touched his knees. Sometimes late at night, his loud cries would wake me up, complaining that his leg hurts and I would only give him some pain killers. Binuhat ni Chanyeol si Jesper at agad namin syang dinala sa hospital. Kabado, oo.

"Baekhyun, how often?!"

My lips are shaking, eyes unsteady.

"Cha.. Chanyeol, anong nangyayari kay Jesper?! Please! Please, you're a doctor! Do something! Jesper, my poor kid! He's suffering..... too much." I stammered with my tears pouring down from my orbs. I tried to get in to the ER but Chanyeol stopped me. He cupped my face, trying to calm me down.

"Shh, look at me, Baekhyun." With a blurry vision, I looked up to him. It's like I'm looking at my own reflection in a misty mirror after taking a shower. I couldn't stop these tears. I couldn't calm myself down. Jesper is all I got. Jesper is my everything, my son is all I need. Nothing in this world matters than my son. Not even Chanyeol. "Jesper will be okay. I promise you that, I'll go inside." he said, trailing off these silent tears trickled to my face. I obediently nodded, bowing my head.

"Don't just make promises, Chanyeol. I want you to do everything you could." I told him and sat on the bench with my palm facing my face. I tried to calm down, Jesper will be okay. He's a strong kid. I know that.

Will.. he.. really.. be.. okay?

Dahan dahan akong napabangon at tinignan si Jesper na natutulog sa hospital bed. It had been a few months and this private room is his home for now. I want to take and bear all of the pain instead of him. Pinaghinaan ako kapag naririnig ko ang daing nya. I want to take those machines away from him, I want to get him out of this hospital, if only I could but Jesper needed to stay. At night, with my hands clasped against each other, I always pray to god, to let him live longer. He's still too young for this, he's still too young to die.

He doesn't deserve any of this sufferings!

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Napalingon ako nang bumukas ang pinto. Si Chanyeol. May nilapag syang styro doon sa lamesa. "You need to eat." Chanyeol said.

"Mamaya na, wala pa akong gana."

"And you'll end up not eating anything!" I heard him say while I'm looking at the sunlight streaming through the window. He let out a deep sigh and sat on the couch next to me. "A kid told me before, when people bask up in the morning sunlight, a happy hormone, serotonin is secreted to the brain," he added in a gruff tone, "Do you want to go to the rooftop?"

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