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Chapter 35: Regrets


"Namhyun planned it out, Chanyeol. From Baekhyun's accident, disconnected CCTVs and those medicines in his car. Baekhyun didn't really cheated on you. They set him up to get to you. Namhyum is the father of Aya's kid who died with her. I didn't really see Baekhyun that night because I already know about it beforehand." Ridges flashed on my forehead as my brain is processing all these informations slowly. "I accepted to be part of it because I thought I could fill the empty space, once you guys call if off but I was wrong. I'm.. sorry." she further added.

"What?!" My voice raised. I clutched at her wrist, tight enough to make her cry in pain. Nana's tears keeps on falling with her eyes fixed on me. Her eyes saying sorry for not telling it to me, for hiding it and for being part of it. "Hyung.. is the one behind it?! The Fuck!" My grip tightened. She groaned helplessly, trying to shoved my hand away.

"Chan, you're holding at me too tight! It hurts please," her voice faltered while she is struggling to get out from my tight grip. I loosened my grip and let her go completely, trying to calm myself. I shouldn't be putting all of my anger towards her. And besides, si Hyung naman ang puno at dulo ng mga ito!

"Fuck." I threw some of the folders.

"I'm sorry, Chan." I glanced at Nana's wrist and saw this reddish marks around it. "You know that I've been trying so hard to get the academic position and.. your brother promised me he'll give it to me. And that is why I have the title now. I passed after the second interview because of him." she confessed, "I want to be on top so that I'll be good enough for you." she added. That only made me even more angry. Bullshits!

"Darn it, Nana! You should've told me! I can give you that fucking position too! I have better access to Chairman Park!" I shouted in fury with gritted teeth, making her flinched, "I, accused Baekhyun when he didn't do anything wrong??! I judged him for taking those medicines and I call him a slut. Fuck!" I pulled a few strands of my hair in frustration, "I.. I ruined my own family." I said sounding so lost. I was such a fool for letting my anger get into me and for not believing Baekhyun. I believe their lies.

I believe a lie over my wife.

"Chan! I'm not cheating on you! He set me up! Hindi mo ba kilala ang kapatid mo?!"

"Is that how weak your love for me?"

"You can be that kind of wife who'll fulfill my desire. Don't talk and don't mendle with my affairs. All you gotta to do is open your legs and shake those hips. We'll be that kind of miserable couple with just a piece of paper binding them and not that same old fucking love they say. I'll fuck you hard as much as I want. Fuck you the way I want, where I want, got it slut?"

"Paano kung totoo ang sinasabi nya?"

Nasapo ko ang mukha ko. Tikom ang kamao kong napatingin sa pinto tsaka tumayo agad. "Chanyeol! Where are going? Huwag kang gumawa ng eskandalo dito! Masisira ka sa mga board nyan! Your father will call for a meeting soon, you need to behave. Stop and calm down! Chanyeol!" Nana held my arm to stop me pero hindi ako nagpapigil at hinawi ko lang ang kamay. Napaangat agad ng tingin si Namhyun nang pumasok ako sa loob ng office nya na halos ibalibag ko yung pintuan. Nilapitan ko sya at sinuntok agad.

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