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Chapter 33: Fight


I visited Appa's house and saw my brother, Namhyun and Mrs. Park, talking in the sala while they're both enjoying a cup of tea. I don't really call her mom, I only call her that when Appa is around. I bowed my head, giving her some respect for I don't want to hear any comments of disrespecting her. For all these years, I tried to fit in into her own likings even if I now she don't really like me.

Furthermore, I didn't even bother to look at my brother's face either. I don't want to see that fucking smirk around his face. As much as I want to punch him, I restrained myself from doing so. May araw din sya. Tangina.

"Uhm, Chanyeol?" Mrs. Park called and I turned my head back to their direction. "Are you drinking the herbal medicines that I'm sending to your house?" she asked. I guess, those herbal medicines in a pouch is what she's talking about. Tinanguan ko sya.

"Yes," I answered.

"It's Mr. Park's idea. He asked me to send some to you because he's worried about you. Mukhang nanghihina ka na ah? You need those. It's good for your body, since it'll be very stressful fighting for you son's custody." she said that I almost forgot she hated my existence. Such pretentious bitch.

"It's something you don't need to worry about, Mrs. Park. My son will surely end up with me. Ako ang mananalo sa kaso na to." I said, sounding so sure more than what I really feel. I found out Baekhyun's lawyer; Nabi Yoon is an excellent lawyer. I wonder why he picked him when his father is the one behind the kidnapping few years ago.

"I see," she said shortly.

"I'll go ahead then, I still need to meet my lawyer today to discuss everything." I said.

Mrs. Park waved her hand with a gentle flick before taking a short sip of her tea. "Go ahead then. Visit your father again will you? Mr. Park is already feeling sick these past few weeks and he's always looking for you. As always." she whispered the last line and pretending to be nonchalant about it. Yes, I know she really hates it when Appa is always siding me instead Namhyun.

"Are you really going to untied the knot, brother?" Namhyun asked with an irksome grin at the corner of his lips. "You don't really have to. Why don't you just take him back? Is it because I already tasted him? Hm? Make up your mind," he said.

"You can have my slut since you're that eager to get everything what's mine." I spoke quietly through clenched teeth and Namhyun began laughing out loud as he rested his back onto the couch and crossed his arms over his chest. I really hate him.

"Hahaha! No thanks. I mean, I was just tempted that night. Huwag mo sanang pagsisihan yan sa huli, Park Chanyeol." Hindi ko na sya sinagot nang sabihin nya yun. I drove straight heading towards the office of our family lawyer with such a tight grip of the steering wheel. I'm so pissed.

Wala pang isang oras ay nakarating na ako. Inabot ko agad kay Atty. Wang yung USB na dala ko na syang gagamitin kong ebidensya para idiin lalo si Baekhyun at matalo sya sa kaso. It will be a sure thing. High possibility of winning the case if, we show this video to the court. Ito yung pinalo nya si Jesper in a public place. This video will justify the few fake statements. I will do everything to win.

"Ito na ba ang sinasabi mo?"

"Yes. Gusto kong palabasin na sinasaktan ni Baekhyun ang anak namin gamit yan." sabi ko at napabuntong hininga sya, "I know you can win this case for me, Atty. Wang. I believe in your abilities." I paused, "Please do everything you can. Hindi ako papayag na mapunta ang anak ko kay Baekhyun." I told him as I keep on massaging my temples.

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