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HAPPY 4YEARS ULIT EXO!! 69!69! (?)

This will only contain 45 chapters with 5 SC (not still sure). Ayon, kokoro kara arigatou!

Hearing the loud noise coming from an airplane, Chanyeol and Jesper crossed my mind. Yes, they already left. I feel so alone, empty and cheated. I could only think of no one aside from Namhyun and Mrs. Park for setting me up.. again. Jesper needed me but here I am, in behind bars. If only I could slap Nana for her to wake up from her deep sleep because right now, I'm just burning with so much anger running in my goddamn veins.

Hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari. Nang makasinghap ako ng usok. Nawalan na ako ng malay at nang magising ako, sakto pang dumating ang mga pulis. Someone in the neighborhood reported a loud shout of a woman and so thought, someone barged in. They searched for the whole area and found Nana unconscious in the cellar and blood dripping from her head. Sinama nila ako.

After investigation, they detained me.

They held me as a suspect.

"Is Nana already awake?" I don't know if how many times, I have already asked Nabi this question. Nabi was no longer my lawyer for this case. Chanyeol really did have his kind of cruel way, letting their family lawyer handle this case. I refused but Park Chanyeol is really a persistent bastard. I hate his family. Damn it.

"She still haven't but her vitals are okay now. She'll probably wake up soon." Nabi answered, tapping my hands clasped against each other. "The moment she confessed that you are innocent, you'll be out of here." That fact made me smile a bit. I don't think I could wait for another day away from my son. Attorney Wang was always giving me enough impormation about Jesper's recovery.

Sometimes, he'll made me listen to a certain audio of Jesper's voice. Hearing his voice is already enough to calm my troubled heart.

"I hope she'll confess.. the truth."

"She will, so, don't think too much." Nabi squeezed my hand. I nodded. "If you get out of here, will you already untie the knot?" I stared at him for a couple of minutes. Hindi ako sumagot. "Having second thoughts?"

I sighed, "Jesper is the only person I care about now, Nabi. My relatioship with his father," I paused, "I'm setting aside it for now." I bowed my head. As much as I want to get rid of Park Chanyeol in our lives, why does everything seems so hard? Jesper was always talking about him and him alone in the audio.

"Do you still love him?"

It took me a few minutes to answer.

"I.. don't.. know." I answered, "You said your dad's mom is a victim of rape by the late chairman of Park Group of Co. but you haven't told me about your mom? Is she dead?" he nodded, "how did she die?" I asked in curiousity.

It took him a while to answer. "Something went wrong during her surgery but the hospital covered it all up. Pinagtakpan nila yung doktor nila.." Napaawang ang labi ko dahil sa sinabi nya. Sasagot pa sana ako pero nanatili nalang akong walang imik.

Napatingin ako sa taong palalapit sa amin. Si Attorney Wang. Tumayo na si Nabi at umalis. We are only given a few minutes to talk with our visitors but then he's a lawyer. Napangiti ako kasi alam kung maririnig ko na naman si Jesper sa audio na dala nya. "Do you want to hear the audio first or my good news?" he said which made me crumpled my forehead.

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