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Seductive | Marauder Imagines by ruincitys
Seductive | Marauder Imaginesby shannon
Good Afternoon, Watties/Potterheads! This is a collection of Imagines/Preferences with you, the reader, and one of the Marauders. Unfortunately, Peter won't be included...
Crown and Rings  by YaniHasMochiCheeks
Crown and Rings by Baby Mochi
Baekhyun is a well organized, "gantt chart" maker, perfectionist, "too choleric" person. After all, he's the most-sought and highest paid wedding pla...
☆°○• ~ Stosuh shitpost ~ •○°☆ by Styxe2_
☆°○• ~ Stosuh shitpost ~ •○°☆by Stacy❤
Stephen and Hosuh has a ted talk about the new video Here's a one-shot of something I got out of their "The hiding game (Eat what you find)" vid. I couldn't ge...
eclipse ; jinhwi by hwilaris
eclipse ; jinhwiby s
an eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object is temporarily obscured, either by passing into the shadow of another body or by having anoth...
Marshalls Sweet tooth by FallinginForward
Marshalls Sweet toothby Alexx Rose
Marshall Lee catches Gum ball spying on him in the dark forests of aaa. The demon prince has a few tricks up his sleeve for this nosy young prince.
Random UnderTale stuff. by Loralailesser
Random UnderTale Loralai lesser
Just a random book with some random Undertale stories and possibly a random set of oc stuff. This book is going to be full of random "story" stuff that I rando...
Wilted  by M_and_B
Wilted by Marie and Bo
Two sisters, a badass bad boy, and a lovable nerd are out on a mission to get through highschool and find there futures together. But question is how do you sail a ship...
Beneath The Waves by BookFreak212
Beneath The Wavesby Linada
Whatever happens, I'll be here. But will you? When the time comes...will you be around to give me the faith i needed? Or will you walk away and let me drown, deep down B...