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Don't read, if you can't take it.
Chapter 42: Buried deep

"Let's take a shower, shall we?"

My eyebrows met and I hit his head, "Stop your libido! You're still the same pervert back then, Mr. Park. Lemme clear this up, I take you back so that we can work things out but that doesn't mean I fully forgave you. I love you but you're still an asshole. This is your first punishment. I'm not having sex with you!" I said as fiesty as ever and I crossed my arms around my middle.

"That was the sweetest speech, Mrs. Park. I love you too but we are not really having sex because it's something more than that honey." Chanyeol said and his hands held my back, slipping down to my arse. "The bathroom is quite big, can accommodate two person at once? You're full of blood too. See."

I glanced at my shirt. I totally forgot. I quickly shook my head and, he threw his hands up. I don't want to submit to him like that without Chanyeol fully submitting himself to me. I want him to give his all, trust me, and to listen to me.

"Shut up. Go ahead now so, we can eat." I gently tapped his cheek, "Jesper is waiting for us. And don't you dare lure me with your ploys, Mr. Park or else, I'll take back what I said. And I am dead serious." I told him, making him laugh before he gave me a peck on the lips and he squeezed my butt. I glared at him. "Welcome back, Park-vert."

"I'll be quick." he said, biting his lips. He turned his back but after taking a few steps, he faced me again and took off the necklace. "Wear this now, no turning back, Mrs. Park. You are mine and only mine." he added and slid our wedding ring back to my finger before he squeezed me into an exuberant hug. "I'm afraid that if I'll let you go, you'll change your mind." he muttered. I assured him with only a smile.

I went into my room and quickly grabbed some new clothes. I lazily sat on the queen sized bed, looking at these blood stain in my shirt. Awhile ago, my hands are trembling in fear. I thought, I wouldn't see Chanyeol again. I felt relieved that he's okay. It made me realized how much pride I have built to protect myself too. No matter how much he hurt me with his words, Chanyeol will still be my sanctuary. We both hurt each other.

And certainly, no guarantees that we wouldn't make mistakes in the future, too. But if we did, we'll figure it out and face it together as family. Indeed, our love will never be the same because the bonds are much stronger now. Yes. Nothing could really break a knot that is bound to be tied.

Passing the door of Chanyeol's room, I suddenly heard a loud noise. What the heck is he doing? I strode through his room and knocked two times on the bathroom door. "Are you okay? I heard a loud noise?" I twisted the door knob and it's not locked?! I propped my hands on my waist. I'm a bit hesitating to come inside. "I'm coming in, if this is one of your tricks, I will kill you."

I opened the door and I saw the flowery curtain in the bathtub closed. Shower is still on and the bottle of shampoo and conditioners and soaps are scattered near the area. I took a step farther and it was my biggest mistake. I heard the door shutted behind me with a thud. I rolled my eyes before turning my head. I saw Chanyeol naked.

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