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I'm sorry sa previous update. If it's too much. (I wrote it too much!!). If it disappointed you. For occupying a chapter with just a smut. :"(
Chapter 43: Lost

"Don't stare at me like that."

"I'm not staring at you dufos." Binalingan ko ulit ang pagkain ko at napatingin doon sa wedding ring namin na suot ko ulit. After ng gulo at lahat lahat ng sakit. Who would have thought, we'll still come back to each other?! I'm like a boomerang, always coming back to him no matter how much he throw me away.

I was deeply hurt yes and looking back, I still can't comprehend Chanyeol could say, do the things he did to me. I was brought back into my senses when he suddenly held my hand.

"Please, hon. Don't tell me you're having second thoughts now? I'm not letting this hand go even if you push me." he said with a doleful look in his eyes, "Walang bawian. Promise talaga, pagpapahingahin na kita ng mga 2 minutes or three?" Napairap ako.

"Ang hilig mo, badtrip ka."

Chanyeol smiled. His eyes glittering with the same cunning I remembered all too well. His playfulness and cock a hoop smiles, I always want to see on his face. "Told you.. didn't I? Your body is a wonderland where I always want to get lost and, coming in to the hole is my favorite part." he cleared his throat.

"Are you talking about the rabbit hole or my hole?" he smirked, and kissed the back of my hand, "Why did I even marry you?"

"Because, I'm handsome? As if you don't like the things I could do when you're at my mercy. You're such a moaning mess, honey and I missed that melody of you." Chanyeol added. Heat suffused my cheeks.

"I'm just pretending. Ain't I a good actor, Mr. Park..?" he slapped my hand with his free hand and I laughed, "Pahiram ako ng phone mo. You meddle with mine so para fair." He scratched his head, hesitating a bit.

"But don't get mad." he said.

I opened his phone. His screenlock is a lips. His wallpaper is a collarbone of someone. I crumpled my forehead. "Still you're such a pervert, Park Chanyeol." Shaking my head, I scanned his photo album, new ones are all part of someone's face. "Is this me?!" I said.

He loves taking pictures of my body; lips, eyes, jaw, collarbone, etc. He even have a picture of my butt cheek before, that made me so mad and I deleted it. He's a pervert! "That's every part of you. Every part of you, I want to ravish at once." he added.

One word. Malandi.

"Wala ka namang picture na naman ng pwet ko di ba?" I asked but then, he only smiled before standing up and placed his plate on the sink. "What a weird smile?! Don't tell me, you really do have one? I mean, wait. Probably, hindi mo kinuha yun kanina kasi mulat na mulat ako eh. Then, you pulled my pajamas last night just to get a picture of my butt cheeks?"

"Almost?" I glared at him, "Relax. I didn't. That photo I have is a 4 years old photo?" and with that, I hit his head. "And, I won't tell you where I saved it, baby. I will look at it everytime I need an inspiration." he said making me raised an eyebrow. Oh god.

"Inspiration for a hand job?!"

"How did you know?!" I hit his head again and again. Boset. Ang manyak na naman ng hayop pero kenekeleg eke ng uber uber dito sa gagong to. Namiss ko kabastusan nya. Ba't ang lende keh? Chanyeol wrapped his hands around me with his cheeks kissing mine and both of us remained quiet while feeling each others loud heartbeats. "I want to fill in the days, I wasted. I'll show you why I deserve this second chance. And, I won't never let a 'diamond' slip from my finger.. again."

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