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This is for all Chanbaek shippers out there! ❤️ Thank you to everyone who stayed until now, who waited patiently, to those who did not give up. Finishing another story, another achievement. I would just like to ask everyone this:

What do you think of ODPS?:")

Well, I just want to know how this story somehow touches you along the way.

I have a new story, Your lie yesterday and it's also a Chanbaek fanfiction. I hope you'll check it out.:)
4 years later

"What is the secret ingredients to a healthy and a happy married life, Mr. and Mrs. Park?" A graduating student in our neighborhood asked. Chanyeol looked at me with the same gleam in his eyes. Our eyes locked, heartbeats in a perfect sync. He winked and shot me a killer smile; his smiles that could wipe off the dreads in my heart. By the way he always smiles, I wanted to pull him into our bedroom and make love to him until the sun rises. The same effect he could give me, it will never changed.

Chanyeol tapped my hand, "I guess it's the trust. No matter how much you love your partner, it will never be enough unless you give all your trust and everything of you to him. As in everything. In marriage, there are no two person involved but one. One conspired by the sacred vows."

I tapped back his hand, "Actually, we almost got separated because this guy beside me is so stupid." I said.

Chanyeol stifled a giggle, "Oh, If only I wasn't too blinded to see the truth in his eyes and hear the sincerity in his voice, we wouldn't end up like that. I mean, wasting two years of causing each other pain." he bowed his head as if trying to remember such saddest memory we both decided to just buried behind us, "Chances of smothering our son, Jesper with so much love."

I tossed my head, staring at his face with the morning sunshine casting a golden sheen. Chanyeol then smiled, cupping my nape with the warmth of his hands. The same wickedly enticing smile I had come to cherish since day one. "You've made him feel enough love, hon. You've never been a bad father to him, always remember that okay?" I told him and he only nodded.

"I will," Chanyeol smiled at Mae, the daughter of the house next door. "My wife loves me more than life itself." My brow draw together, I opened my mouth for an attempt of denial but the astute look in Mae's face spoke of the futility in that. Was I that obvious ha? I love this man so much, the man whose smiles could control the rhythm of my heart. "Look, he's not even denying it. And I love you too so much hon."

"Shut up, Mae is in front of us."

"It's okay, Mrs. Park." Mae said.

"What is that?"

Chanyeol and I tossed our head to this little girl who approached us, holding a bunny while she's pointing her finger to the camera in utter confusion. "Oh, it's a video camera sweety, come here." Chanyeol retorted, gesturing his hand for her to come forward. "Eomma and I are having an interview and it's for Mae's project." he brushed her bangs off of her face, "This is Baekhee, our daughter. Chanhyun is still probably sleeping. Is your brother still on his bed? Why didn't you wake him up?"

"He's playing with his poop."

"Chanhyun is playing with.. What?!" My voice suddenly hitched, "I'll just go upstairs. I'm sorry, Mae. I think, let's continue the interview by tomorrow. I hope we're not delaying things for your project." I added in a calm tone.

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